mardi 19 juin 2012

Europe: la grande peur du terrorisme palestinien depuis le massacre de Munich

Le magazine allemand Der Spiegel rapportait ce dimanche que les terroristes palestiniens responsables du massacre des athlètes juifs israéliens pendant les Jeux olympiques de Munich de 1972 avaient été aidés par des néo-nazis allemand. Le néo-nazi Willi Pohl (qui vit tranquillement en Allemagne et s'est reconverti en auteur de polars) les a aidés à se procurer de faux passeports et a convoyé des membres de la cellule terroriste de Septembre Noir d'Yasser Arafat à travers l'Allemagne dans les semaines qui ont précédé le massacre de Munich afin qu'ils rencontrent d'autres Palestiniens établis en Allemagne. Voir: Un nazi allemand aida Septembre Noir dans le massacre de Munich.  

Der Spiegel a publié l'article en anglais (Files Reveal Neo-Nazis Helped Palestinian Terrorists - à lire absolument) et souligne l'extraordinaire clémence des juges envers les deux néo-nazis qui ont aidé des terroristes palestiniens à tuer des athlètes juifs.  En effet, devant la barbarie et la peur de violences l'Allemagne fut prise de peur et laissa filer tout le monde. Cette peur est évidemment toujours présente en Europe.  Et Israël n'a jamais cessé d'être menacé. [Image: bombe humaine palestinienne prête au martyre déclare à la télévision du Hamas: "... et nous savons qu'il n'y de sang qui nous est plus doux que le sang des Juifs".]

"The men who were arrested in the Munich house of former Waffen-SS member Charles Jochheim late on Oct. 27, 1972 were armed like soldiers on their way to the front. In one suitcase, police found three Kalashnikov automatic rifles, six magazines, 174 rounds of ammunition, two pistols, a revolver and six Belgian-made hand grenades.

The two men who were arrested were also carrying other weapons. Wolfgang Abramowski had weapons hidden in his waistband, while his accomplice, Willi Pohl, was carrying two pistols and a hand grenade, according to a Munich police investigative report. [...]

Astonishing Leniency - But before they could put their plan into action, Pohl and Abramowski were betrayed and arrested. The hand grenades that were found with the two neo-Nazis prompted investigators to conclude that they had to be in close contact with the masterminds of the Olympic massacre. According to one police report, the grenade stemmed from an "extremely rare manufacturing operation." They were Belgian grenades containing Swedish explosives that had been produced solely for Saudi Arabia. The PLO terrorists had used exactly the same grenades to murder their hostages during the failed rescue effort at Fürstenfeldbruck.

Of course, this raises the question of whether the same radical right-wing network had already brought the weapons for the Munich attackers to Bavaria on the same route through Madrid and Paris. The question remains unanswered to this day. Pohl denies that this was the case. He says that the route through Madrid was his idea, and that it was only used after the Olympics. Instead, he assumes that Libyan diplomats in Germany helped bring the Kalashnikovs and hand grenades for the Munich terrorists into the country.

The German courts treated Pohl and Abramowski with astonishing leniency. The investigations into suspected violations of the War Weapons Control Act and "membership in a criminal organization" came to nothing, even though the exhibits included "operation plans for hostage-taking" that "implied the kidnappings of unidentified personalities in Essen, Bochum and Cologne."

In 1974, the two Germans were merely convicted of illegal possession of firearms. Abramowski was sentenced to eight months and Pohl to 26 months in prison. Only four days after sentencing, Pohl was released and fled to Beirut. There is nothing in the files to explain the reasons behind such leniency.

Perhaps the authorities feared that the Palestinians could also try to gain Pohl's freedom with the same approach they had used to secure the release of the three surviving members of the Olympic attack operation: by hijacking a German airliner. A few days after Pohl's arrest, terrorists from the PLO's Fatah faction hijacked a Lufthansa flight bound for Frankfurt. The German government gave in to their demands, and the three were flown to Libya."

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