dimanche 26 avril 2015

L'exode des Juifs de France: le Canada considéré comme un refuge après les attaques antisémites

Graeme Hamilton writes @ The National Post: The new Jewish exodus: Canada seen as safe haven for French Jews in wake of anti-Semitic attacks

Annual Israel march in downtown
Montreal, April 23, 2015.
When a gunman stormed into a kosher supermarket in Paris, seizing hostages and killing four people, Julien Catan felt tremors all the way to Montreal. A Paris native, he had walked the streets around the Hyper-Cacher market thousands of times. His fiancée’s mother had been shopping there 20 minutes before it was attacked. “What happened in January was a real shock, like never before,” Catan said in an interview. “I think the impact it had is very profound, and I think the Jewish community has taken a real hit.”

The murderous targeting of shoppers buying groceries before the Sabbath, two days after an attack on the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, came amid a surge in anti-Semitism that has Jews questioning how long they can remain in France. More than ever, Canada is seen as a safe haven, and leaders of Montreal’s Jewish community are only too happy to extend a welcoming hand.

It was love that brought Catan, 28, to Montreal last year when he joined his fiancée, who had moved from France five years ago to pursue her studies. But the rise of anti-Semitic hatred back home makes the Jewish couple reluctant to return as they contemplate raising a family. Among their circle of Jewish friends in France, many are planning to leave. “It was perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Catan said of the January attacks. “It will lead people who were thinking of leaving to take action.”

Like Catan, Adam Scheier was shaken by news of the January terror attacks in Paris. The senior rabbi at Montreal’s Congregation Shaar Hashomayim was at an event in Nashville, and instead of returning home, he flew immediately to Paris as an expression of solidarity. “I found fear,” he said in an interview. “Parents were telling me how terrified they were to send their children to school.”
For Scheier, the sight of heavily armed soldiers guarding Jewish schools clashed with the safety felt by North America’s Jewish communities. Since his return, he has been pushing to make that North American safety available to French Jews. “I think Quebec should proactively be looking to welcome Jews from France who are looking to leave,” he said.

“This is a Jewish community that has western liberal values that are consistent with our Canadian values. This is a Jewish community that is filled with professionals, people of achievement in law, in business, medicine, sciences and the arts. This is a vibrant, dynamic community that could make a contribution to our country, and this is a community that speaks French, which is something that is very attractive for the Quebec government.”

Montreal Jewish organizations have recently created a task force in response to a steep increase in requests for information from French Jews interested in moving to Canada. Monique Lapointe, manager of immigration services for the social services agency Ometz, said her organization alone received 70 such requests in the three months since the January attacks, double what it would normally receive in a year. The task force is looking at how the community can smooth immigration from France, starting by helping potential immigrants navigate the bureaucracy and letting them know what services are available once they arrive. [...]

Whatever hurdles immigrants have to overcome, Frederic Saadoun says it is worth the trouble. He moved from Paris to Montreal with his wife and young children 10 years ago, as anti-Semitism began to rise in France. There were assaults on Jewish children, anti-Semitic graffiti near Jewish schools and advice from a rabbi not to wear Jewish symbols in public. “We preferred leaving before things got worse,” Saadoun, 46, said in an interview.

At the time, fellow Jews in France criticized him for leaving, but now the same people tell him he did the right thing. “There are not a lot of countries where you die because you are Jewish, but it happens in France,” he said citing the Hyper-Cacher attack and the 2012 assault on a Jewish school in Toulouse by an Islamist terrorist who murdered three children and a rabbi.  “There is a physical threat, but what is even more terrible — because in the end, there is little chance of dying — is to be assaulted in daily life,” he said. “My father, who lives in southern France, faces verbal and physical abuse when he leaves synagogue. That sort of thing happens every day.”  He said his son and daughter, 17 and 15, are now perfectly at ease displaying their Jewish identities in public. 

It is when they return to France to visit family that he has to warn them. “I tell them to be careful. In the métro, don’t show your Star of David. Don’t display any distinctive symbol showing you are Jewish. They no longer understand, because here they have no problem, they feel safe,” he said. “Canada is peaceful and they do not at all feel threatened as Jews. We have to teach them when they go to France how to behave as threatened Jews.”  More.

samedi 25 avril 2015

Pour Manuel Valls l'antisémitisme n'est qu'une haine parmi d'autres

"Depuis Hitler, j'ai toujours su que l'intérêt de la France ne coïnciderait pas toujours ou nécessairement avec celui des Juifs ou des Israéliens." Raymond Aron, De Gaulle, Israël et les Juifs, 1968.

Barbara Kays écrit @ The National Post:

The Jewish Mafia. The greatest
international predators.
A book by Hervé Ryssen.
France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced an action plan that will make the battle against hatred into “a great national cause,” a plan that will include awareness programs and enhanced punishment for online hate speech, with stiffer prison sentences for hatred-based crimes. The superficially admirable plan springs from honest outrage on Valls’ part — but outrage that has undergone a disquieting sea change since it was first expressed.

After the Charlie Hebdo and kosher-supermarket massacres in January, you may recall, Valls delivered a passionate, widely circulated speech on anti-Semitism in France, declaring the problem of Jewish flight so serious the French Republic must be judged a failure if Jews left en masse. Then, Valls pulled no punches regarding the source of the crisis: “We are at war with terrorism, jihadism and Islamist radicalism.”

That January cri du coeur offered truths that were the gift of spontaneity. With time for second thoughts (and who knows what political pressure), the message Valls now delivers is quite different. Last week the prime minister told suburban high school students: “Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners and homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner in our country.” He added, “French Jews should no longer be afraid of being Jewish and French Muslims should no longer be ashamed of being Muslims.

Valls’ capitulation to France’s pre-Hebdo default of moral relativism is sad to behold. Valls’ outrage now sees anti-Semitism not as a singular problem, rather as only one of multiple hatreds, and no more distressing than hatred of foreigners (who?), gays and — of course — Muslims.

The truth, which Valls understood very well in January, is that there is no hatred for any group in France equivalent to that of Jew hatred, routinely expressed in virulent hate speech, vandalism, beatings and murder. Foreigners, gays and Muslims are not fleeing France. The institutions of foreigners, gays and Muslims are not being guarded around the clock. Fifty-five per cent of hate-driven acts are not happening to foreigners, gays and Muslims, but to Jews (1% of the population). Suite.

Un député grec se plaint des attaques des Juifs contre tous les Européens

Les associations juives européennes ne réagissent même plus.  Ni aucun de tous ceux qui se font forts de lutter contre l'antisémitisme.

Source: Dimitris Kammenos est un député pour le parti de droite indépendant, membre de la coalition. En réaction à un Twit d'un site d'information russe RT sur l'antisémitisme en Europe, Kammenos a répondu : "Des attaques de juifs contre chacun d'entre nous ont-elles été enregistrés ?"

Le blog Against Antisemitism rapporte que la presse grecque a totalement ignoré les propos de M. Kammenos. Celui-ci a, entre-temps, effacé son Twit.  Et il rappelle:

Back in December 2014, the leader of the Independent Greeks party, Panos Kammenos, has claimed during an interview that only the Orthodox Church pays taxes in Greece but not the Buddhists, the Jews and the Muslims. Stavroula Xoulidou, another MP of the same party, has suggested in an essay that the “World Zionist Movement” threatens the Greek nation.

mardi 21 avril 2015

Une conférence du Hamas à Berlin

Hamas, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram,  Hezbollah, Daesch, ISIS etc etc.  La 11e conférence a eu lieu à Bruxelles, capitale de l'Europe...  Tout ceci se passe en Europe dans l'indifférence générale la plus totale. Voir ICI.

Let's be clear, the conference scheduled on 25th April in Berlin is not a pro-Hamas gatherhing. It is a meeting of major Hamas-organisations in Europe itself. The organisations behind this conference are mentioned in the official propaganda-poster:
·         The Palestinian Return Center (PRC), the most important Hamas-organisation in Europe, which is operating in several countries.
·         The Palästinensische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland (Palestinian Communion in Germany), the German Hamas-Front, which was already involved in the Hamas-conference in Wuppertal/Germany 2011.
·         The Palestinians in Europe Conference another major Hamas-organisation in Europe, which is operating inter alia in Austria and Germany. Its seat is in Austria.
The gathering is titled the 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe. Palestinians in Europe and the Palestinian National-Project.“ It will be held in the Arena Berlin a huge event compound at the river Spree. Speakers aside of Hamas will include European politicians, the vice chairman of AKP Yasin Aktay is also expected. As in last conferences the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe will also attend the gathering, though it is not mentioned in the offical announcement, to obscure the true nature of this conference. The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe is organized in the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE). Former conferences included scores of Anti-Semitic posters.
While many news describe the conference as pro-Hamas event, in order to support Hamas terror against Israel, one has to understand, that Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front organisations are not just supporting terror with money and propaganda. In fact Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas fronts have an European agenda too and are heavily involved in the indoctrination of Muslims youths and the organisation of Anti-Zionist activities, which, as we saw in last summer, more and more escalate into open attacks on Jews in Europe. Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are part of the same network, many important Anti-Zionist avtivities in Europe are organized by these organisations in alliance with AKP-front organisations, Milli Görüs (a Turkish antisemitic movement) and other Islamic extremist organisations. These organisations bear a direct responsibilty for the escalation of Anti-Semitism in Europe. They are well entrenched in politics, supported and protected by politicans.
The head of the Palestinians in Europe Conference is Adel Abdallah aka Adel Doghman. Doghman was the head of the Palestinensische Vereinigung in Österreich (Palestinian Association in Austria), which was designated 2003 by the US as a terrorist organisation. The successor organisation of the Association is the Koordinationsforum zur Unterstützung Palästinas (Coordination Forum in Support of Palestine), which has strong ties to Austrian politicians. The Coordination Forum is deeply entreched in the Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich (IGGiÖ - Islamic Denomination in Austria) the official and legal body of Islamic organisations in Austria. Austrian politicians and antifascist organisations decided to turn a blind eye on the fact that all major Anti-Semitic events in Austria are not organized by Nazis but the IGGiÖ. As in Austria you will find Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood fronts (for example the Union des organisations islamiques de France - UOIF in France) as major players in the radicalisation of Muslims in Europe and as in Austria no one will dare to confront these organisations. So their incitement and radicalisation program will go on and bear its results.

mardi 14 avril 2015

Ananassurance: Dieudonné a "trahi" l'ex-député belge Laurent Louis

Une déception qui permet de comprendre le fonctionnement de la machine Dieudonné. Au fond on remarque que ceux qui le suivent ne sont pas dupes de Dieudonné mais espèrent en profiter à fond. Quand ça ne marche pas...

Extraits repris de la page Facebook de Laurent Louis (la Ligue Belge contre l'Antisémitisme a compilé un dossier sur Laurent Louis - cliquer ici):

J'étais très curieux de lire les explications de Dieudonné ! J'espérais qu'il parlerait de la facture de plusieurs milliers d'euros qu'il me doit et qu'il dirait toute la vérité comme je l'ai toujours fait. Pour la facture, il en parle mais pour la vérité, il me laisse sur ma faim... Vous pourrez remarquer que Dieudonné ne contredit aucune de mes accusations quant au fonctionnement de l'Ananassurance.[...]
Laurent Louis et sa 3e Quenelle d'or

 Dieudonné me doit en effet une facture de 10 400 euros correspondant à 104 heures de travail de consultance au tarif horaire de 82,65 euros HTVA. Sur cette facture la TVA s'élève donc à 1805,08 euros. Etant indépendant, mes revenus bruts sont bien entendu taxés à 50%. Au final toucher 4297,80 euros pour 104 heures de travail, je ne pense pas que ce soit du vol. En tout cas pas plus que 42 euros pour une place dans un théâtre sale au confort plus que douteux pour assister au spectacle de Dieudonné...

Mon amitié pour Dieudonné était sincère. Je crois que sa trahison l'a tout autant été... Jusqu'au bout j'ai fait confiance à Dieudonné car je ne pensais pas qu'il serait capable de trahir un frère d'armes. J'avais envie aussi peut-être de refaire confiance à l'humain... Une erreur sans doute... Ce n'est que grâce à mes avocats que j'ai compris que Dieudonné et son entourage se servaient de moi depuis plus de 8 mois en me faisant des tas de promesses sans jamais rien concrétiser.  [...] 8 mois de ma vie gâchés pour une simple pompe à fric anti-sociale et pro-système !

Dieudonné me fait passer pour un amateur d'argent qui aime le luxe et refuse de vivre dans une caravane avec sa femme et sa fille handicapée de 6 ans. C'est vrai Dieudo, je refuse de vivre dans une caravane. Toi qui gagne 300 000 euros par mois, qui vit dans un château avec parc, piscine et terrain de tennis, qui fréquente les plus grandes tables de Paris comme le restaurant Lasserre, tu devrais avoir honte d'offrir des salaires de misère à tes employés et de proposer à un de tes amis de loger sa fille handicapée dans une caravane! 

J'aimais beaucoup Dieudonné et j'avais beaucoup de respect pour lui mais il me serait difficile de pardonner ces trahisons ! Je suis un homme déçu et blessé. J'ai été berné par Dieudonné mais cette aventure m'aura tout de même permis de voir l'envers du décor, de voir les coulisses de Dieudonné et je peux vous dire que ce n'est pas joli-joli: des collaborateurs exploités, un mépris total des fans, des comportements et des habitudes aux antipodes du message que nous portons, un manque total de respect et de politesse, une obsession de l'argent, un désir démesuré de rentabilité, un dégoût des chômeurs, de l'hypocrisie à l'égard des musulmans dont on se moque tout en faisant semblant de les défendre car ce sont eux qui font tourner les billetteries (merde, quand même!), des mensonges, des faux semblants. En gros du show permanent et aucune sincérité. Si les fans avaient pu voir ce que j'ai vu, pas sûr que Dieudo pourrait encore remplir des Zéniths... Je t'aimais bien Dieudonné mais tu as été trop loin. 

lundi 13 avril 2015

Israël-bashing - en parlant de Laïcité et de Neutralité du service public (à Arcueil)…

 Source: Extrême Centre

Y aurait-il quelqu’un au gouvernement pour rappeler les valeurs républicaines à Daniel Breuiller, le Maire Vert (toutes nuances) de la ville d’Arcueil…  qui laisse une école élémentaire de la ville servir de porte voix à la propagande nationale-islamiste arabe…

Parmi les organisateurs de ce gavage de cerveaux enfantins et adultes avec les moyens publics :
– L’association relais de la propagande «palestinienne» : Association France-Palestine Solidarité
– L’Association islamiste placée sur la liste officielle des organisations terroristes du Canada et des États-Unis d’Amérique : Comité de bienfaisance et de secours aux Palestiniens.

jeudi 9 avril 2015

Le rapide déclin de la population juive en Europe

Un déclin inévitable.  Il y aura de plus en plus de Musulmans en Europe et de moins en moins de Juifs.  C'est déjà le cas maintenant.

The Times of Israel (extraits):

By 2050, 51 percent of Jews are expected to live in the Middle East — almost all in Israel — and 37 percent in North America. The number of Jews in Europe is expected to decline more precipitously and outpace general European population shrinkage, according to the [Pew] report. [...]

In Europe, Muslims are expected to grow to 10 percent of the population in 2050, from 6 percent in 2010.