dimanche 15 août 2010

Une maison à Tel Aviv pour Nicolas Berggruen le milliardaire sans domicile ?

Les racines juives de Nicolas Berggruen expliquent son attirance pour Israël.  Il a déclaré: "Nous voulions tout simplement trouver des choses intéressantes à réaliser en Israël.  Il nous a fallu un an pour trouver quelque chose d'unique".

Nicolas Berggruen, known as the "homeless billionaire," has told "Globes" that he is considering buying a home in the luxury Tel Aviv project that he is developing. Berggruen, whose company Berggruen Residential Ltd. (TASE:BRGN.B1) is developing the 37 floor Meier on Rothschild project said, "Perhaps in the end I will buy an apartment in the project. But will I use it very much? No. Because I don't live here."

Berggruen, 49 tomorrow, the founder and president of global real estate developer Bergruen Holdings, is called the "homeless billionaire", because despite having wealth of $2.2 billion and being in "Forbes" list of 500 billionaires, he owns neither a home or a car and spends most of his time traveling and staying in hotels. Berggruen's late father Heinz [fondateur du musée Berggruen à Berlin], one of the world's largest art dealers, fled Nazi Germany for the US in 1936.

Berggruen's Jewish roots have drawn him to Israel. He said, "We simply wanted to find interesting things to do in Israel. It took us a year to find something unique."

Construction will begin in the coming months on the Meier on Rothschild project, on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street in the heart of Tel Aviv's financial district. The project has been designed by world famous architect Richard Meier.
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