dimanche 15 août 2010

Jethro Tull jouera en Israël sans se laisser intimider par les boycotteurs

Certains artistes se laissent persuader par ces menaces, mais Ian Anderson a écrit sur le site du groupe Jethro Tull qu'ils joueront en Israël et qu'il jouera pour son propre plaisir, et pas pour l'argent.

Ian Anderson aux boycotteurs : "Don’t fucking tell me what to do"

Jethro Tull are playing Israel. Their multi-talented musician and vocalist Ian Anderson was forced to respond to "some very hateful communication from people representing different sides of this ongoing issue – from supposed human rights supporters to individuals, bodies and groups … some pretty nasty stuff".

Some artists seem to find threats persuasive, but Ian Anderson writes on Jethro Tull’s website that they will play Israel and moreover that he personally will be playing for its own sake, not for the money.
Lire la suite Ian Anderson to boycotters: "Don’t fucking tell me what to do" (Engage)

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