jeudi 3 février 2011

L'antisémitisme génocidaire de certains 'démocrates' anti Moubarak

"Le pays qui contrôle les Etats-Unis c'est Israël.  Nous allons détruire Israël."

Dans cette vidéo un groupe de manifestants anti-Moubarak promettent de détruire Israël. Source: CNN/You Tube (Reportage de Nick Robinson).  Cliquer : Egyptian protesters promise to destroy Israel

Source : Pajamas Media (Anti-Semitic Imagery at Egypt Protests Draws Yawns from Western Media, par John Rosenthal)
Agrandissement du poster tenu par un des manifestants dans la photo qui fait la une du quotidien allemand  Die Welt.

"[...] Readers may also have heard about Hosni Mubarak being hanged in effigy in Tahrir Square in Cairo yesterday. In fact, three effigies were hung or otherwise abused by protestors. The below image of one of them comes from the German-language Swiss television network SF.

The effigy appears to be a representation of Omar Suleiman, who was recently named vice president by Mubarak. (The Mubarak effigy is to the left in the video.)

The use of the traditional symbol of Judaism to express hatred and contempt could hardly be described as anything other than anti-Semitic. And yet despite the clear visual evidence that it exists, this aspect of the protests has been almost entirely ignored by the reports in the Western media. 

The current protest movement may or may not represent the advent of liberty and democracy and all things good for Egyptians. This remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: it represents the advent of the complete banalization of anti-Semitism as far as the Western media is concerned."

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