mercredi 2 juin 2010

Reportage danois: pas de crise humanitaire à Gaza

Contexte :
- Gaza, une “crise alimentaire” qui dure depuis 17 ans ?
- Secondo protocollo: rapport sur la collusion entre les ONG et le Hamas à Gaza

Source: Elder of Ziyon (Danish report from Gaza: "Where's the humanitarian crisis?")

Le monde entier s'émeut de la crise humanitaire à Gaza.  Le reporter danois Steffen Jensen a visité Gaza pour vérifier de ses propres yeux combien la situation y est désespérée (traduction en anglais).  Il rapporte que le nombre d'embouteillages ne diminue pas et que l'essence n'est même pas rationnée ...

"La première femme que nous avons interrogée dans le marché a confirmé cette mentalité étrange et négative :  "Nous n'avons rien", nous déclara-t-elle. Nous manquons de tout! De nourriture, de boissons ... de tout! " Ca ne la dérangeait pas le moins du monde d'être au milieu de montagnes de légumes, fruits, oeufs, volailles et poissons et de débiter ce scénario apocalyptique."

"Judging from the media, the situation in Gaza is desperate, everything is about to collapse, and the community is on the brink or at the level of a third world country.

The Palestinian community's immediate downfall has been prophesied numerous times in the media. People have nothing to eat, we sometimes know. The UN must from time to time to stop food distribution, either because their stocks are running low, or because they can not get diesel for their trucks, and therefore can not carry food in. And so on.

Yesterday I drove into the Gaza Strip. I don't do this as often as before [because it takes much longer to get through the checkpoints now.]

This time, I had expected to see real suffering, because with all the fuss in recent days about bringing tons of humanitarian relief in - so much that people actually sacrificed their lives for it - there certainly had to really be a deep, desperate situation in the Gaza Strip. No food. Long queues in front of UN food stocks. Hungry children with food bowls. But this was not the picture that greeted me.

When I yesterday morning drove through Gaza City, I was immediately surprised that there are almost as many traffic jams as there always has been. Is there not a shortage of fuel? Apparently not. Gasoline is not even rationed.

Many shops were closed yesterday, Hamas has declared a general strike in protest against Israel's brutal and deadly attack on the Turkish flotilla with pro-Palestinian activists on board. So it was difficult to estimate how many products were on the shelves. Therefore I went over to the Shati refugee camp, also known as Beach Camp. Here is one of Gaza's many vegetable markets that sell much more than just fruits and vegetables.

I will not say whether, in better times has been a larger product range than there was yesterday. But there was certainly no shortage of vegetables, fruits or any other ordinary, basic foods. Tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, watermelons, potatoes - mountains of these items in the many stalls.  I must admit I was a little surprised. Because when I call down here to my Palestinian friends, they tell me about all the problems and deficiencies, so I expected that the crisis was a little more clear."
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