lundi 3 septembre 2012

"Les protocoles des pesticides de Sion", la version des Frères musulmans

Via: Miguel Noronha @ O Insurgente (Os Protocolos dos Pesticidas de Sião)

Ahmad Sabi, un conseiller en communication [!], de la branche politique des Frères musulmans égyptiens (qui a recueilli près de la moitié des votes aux élections présidentielles), accuse les accords de Camp David d'avoir amené toutes sortes de plaies à l'Egypte, y compris plusieurs sortes de cancers, des hépatites et des maladies rénales.  Encore un savant...
MEMRI: Egyptian MB Media Advisor Ahmad Sabi': Camp David Accords Brought Cancer, Hepatitis, and Kidney Infections to Egypt Following are excerpts from an address by Ahmad Sabi', media advisor for the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, which aired on Al-Alam TV on August 22, 2012.

Ahmad Sabi': [I support] amending the [Camp David] agreement, which is a mark of shame upon the Egyptian people. This agreement has been a heavy burden upon the Egyptian people, undermining Egypt's sovereignty. It has even undermined projects for the development of the Sinai. Therefore, it is an unjust and unfair agreement, which has isolated Egypt from its Arab and Islamic environs, and from the pan-Arab effort to liberate the land of Palestine and to support Palestinian resistance. [...] In addition, carcinogenic pesticides were imported from the Zionist entity, and Egyptian agriculture was made available to the Zionist entity. This led to the destruction of various sectors in Egypt. Egypt now suffers from endemic diseases, such as various types of cancer, hepatitis, and kidney infections. All these and other diseases are the result of the carcinogenic pesticides, which were brought here along with that agreement.
Indeed, this is an unjust agreement, which requires the reexamination of everything to do with Egypt's sovereignty over its land. [...] Ceci n'est pas mal non plus:

Politicien franco-syrien: Napoléon a été recruté par les sionistes pour occuper l'Egypte

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