vendredi 21 février 2014

72% des Américains ont une bonne opinion d'Israël

According to Gallup's annual world affairs poll, conducted from February 6-9, 72% of Americans have a favourable view of Israel, up from 66 percent last year. The Palestinian Authority? Only 19%, surprising after all the positive press they've been receiving in the Obama Media.  Our friends the Saudis come in at 36 percent, the Egyptians at 45%.  Iran? A mere 9%, and I'm sure the feeling's mutual.

In related news, over 200 members of congress want Israeli PM Netanyahu to address a joint session when he come to the U.S. next month. (Joshua Pundit)

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Anne juliette a dit…

En France, un sondage a été fait il y a presque deux ans : 8 % des français ont une opinion positive d'Israël. Rien à rajouter.