mardi 8 février 2011

Antisémitisme en Egypte: gardons-nous d'idéaliser Moubarak

Source: WSJ (Hosni Mubarak, Troublesome Ally, par Max Boot).  Extraits:

"But let's not romanticize the soon-to-be-departed dictator. He presided over a very cold peace with Israel. Even as he was negotiating with Israeli leaders, he was turning a blind eye to the rabid anti-Semitism and anti-Westernism that polluted Egypt's state-controlled news media and mosques. The Middle East Media Research Institute has an invaluable archive of these revolting statements. Last year an Egyptian cleric, Hussam Fawzi Jabar, was quoted as saying, "Hitler was right to say what he said and to do what he did to the Jews." Keep in mind that in Egypt most clerics are state employees whose pronouncements are carefully monitored by the secret police. That Mr. Jabar is able to say such things in public means that Mr. Mubarak doesn't object.

Consider the two-part essay, "The Lie About the Burning of the Jews," that appeared in 2004 in Al Liwaa Al-Islami (The Islamic Banner), an official journal of Mr. Mubarak's National Democratic Party. The article is a statement of Holocaust denial, claiming that Hitler's genocide was invented by the Zionists to justify the creation of the Jewish state. At least the editor-in-chief of Al Liwaa Al-Islami was fired after that incident, under heavy American pressure.

By contrast, no one in Egyptian state television has been disciplined for its 41-part series "A Knight Without a Horse," which ran in 2002 and dramatized that old canard of anti-Semitism, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." That cinematic masterpiece was produced in cooperation with Hezbollah's Al-Manar television, which suggests that Mr. Mubarak is hardly an inveterate foe of all things Islamist.

Indeed he often did little to stop the massive smuggling of supplies into Hamas-controlled Gaza. His attitude has seemed to be that Hamas can arm itself against Israel as long as it doesn't cooperate with its Egyptian Islamist brethren against him."

- Photos de l'Université du Caire en 1959 et en 2004
- L'imagerie antisémite dans les manifestations égyptiennes fait bailler les médias occidentaux, John Rosenthal
- Un dignitaire copte évoque la dhimitude des juifs et des chrétiens en terre d'islam

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