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Un regard britannique sur Gisèle Halimi

Pour Gisèle Halimi, l'antisémitisme c'est la faute d'Israël et des Juifs et Marwan Barghouti est un humaniste.

Contexte :
- La haine d'Israël s'exporte de Belgique à Londres et ailleurs ...
- Un zététicien pour juger les 'crimes' d'Israël au 'pseudo tribunal Russell'
- Le Prof. Pierre Galand saute du BRussels Tribunal au Russell Tribunal sur la Palestine ...

Le blog Harry's Place s'intéresse au "Tribunal [belge] Russell sur la Palestine" et à ses différents protagonistes, et consacre un article à Gisèle Halimi, "membre du jury".

Source: Harry's Place, Gisèle Halimi: Another “Juror” for a Show Trial, par habibi)

This weekend this blog covered the upcoming “Russell Tribunal on Palestine” meetings in London, noting the roles of Warsaw ghetto desecrator Ewa Jasiewicz and conspiracy loon Cynthia McKinney [Cynthia McKinney, icône du conspirationnisme post-11-Septembre].  [...]

Consider Gisèle Halimi, one of Cynthia McKinney’s fellow “jurors“. Here is a profile of her, written in 2003 [paru dans le Guardian]. Keep in mind that Palestinian terrorists were on a mass murder spree at the time, bombing buses, restaurants and shopping malls. So what was Halimi’s view?

"In her Paris office, Halimi explains why she is currently representing Marwan Barghouti, leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Palestinian militant group that has killed and maimed an estimated 200 soldiers and civilians.

Halimi, who has met him twice recently in Israel, says: “He is an intellectual, a political leader and a humanist. He is someone who suffers from the situation in his country. He would condemn all terrorism against Israel as soon as Israel ends its occupation of Palestine.”"

This was part of a pattern:

"Those familiar with Halimi’s professional trajectory will not be surprised at this alliance between a rabbi’s granddaughter and a Palestinian militant. In the 1960s she acted as counsel for the Algerian National Liberation Front and represented Algerian militants seeking to end French rule; in Spain she pleaded for Basque separatists; and she fought the corner of four leftwing militants who had acted to overthrow the government of President Marien N’Gouabi in the Congo. In 1967, she presided over the Russell Tribunal which investigated American crimes in Vietnam."

For one must be careful with the “t” word, you know:

“I condemn terrorism when it hits innocent people,” she says. “But there are innocent victims for the best causes in the world. In Algiers, in Dresden… in Israel, too, before its creation, there was terrorism. It’s important to ask the right questions. You say: ‘Why terrorism?’ I say: ‘Why occupation?’ As long as there is occupation contrary to international law, you can expect terrorism. Once there is an end to the occupation, not only will I condemn it, but there will be no terrorism.”

Never mind all the rhetoric about annihilation from Hamas and other hardliners, for years on end. It can be skipped right over.  What about antisemitism elsewhere? It’s Israel’s fault.

"Although France has the highest number of incidents against Jewish targets in Europe, Halimi does not believe there is a rise in anti-semitism in the country. It is racism, she says, which can be imputed to events in Israel. “The problem is that most people see Jews as unconditional supporters of Israel, and helping an unfair cause. If there was a solution to the Middle East problem then the problem of anti-semitism will disappear.” "

Ha ha.
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Gilles-Michel DEHARBE a dit…

Bertrand Russel n'est plus de ce monde, mais ses disciples sont là pour combattre les injustices et en premier lieu, celle dont les Palestiniens sont, aujourd'hui, les victimes ?!

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