jeudi 26 mai 2011

Obama et Cameron: la sécurité et l'existence d'Israël seront garanties

Lors de la conférence de presse du Président Barack Obama et du premier Ministre britannique David Cameron le 25 mai à Londres, M.  Obama a rappelé que les États-Unis sont les meilleurs amis et partenaires d'Israël, qu'il s'oppose à la reconnaissance, voulue par l'AP, d'un État palestinien à l'ONU, que le Hamas n'a ni renoncé à la violence ni reconnu l'État d'Israël, que les Palestiniens ont également des obligations.

"So, as much as it's important for the United States, as Israel's closest friend and partner, to remind them of the urgency of achieving peace, I don't want the Palestinians to forget that they have obligations as well. And they are going to have to resolve in a credible way the meaning of this agreement between Fatah and Hamas if we're going to have any prospect for peace moving forward.

As for the United Nations, I've already said - I said in the speech last week and I will repeat - the United Nations can achieve a lot of important work. What the United Nations is not going to be able to do is deliver a Palestinian state. The only way that we're going to see a Palestinian state is if Israelis and Palestinians agree on a just peace.

And so I strongly believe that for the Palestinians to take the United Nations route rather than the path of sitting down and talking with the Israelis is a mistake; that it does not serve the interests of the Palestinian people, it will not achieve their stated goal of achieving a Palestinian state. And the United States will continue to make that argument both in the United Nations and in our various meetings around the world.

Q: Do you agree with the comparison between Hamas and al-Qaida?

OBAMA: I believe that Hamas, in its own description of its agenda, has not renounced violence and has not recognized the state of Israel. And until they do, it is very difficult to expect Israelis to have a serious conversation, because ultimately they have to have confidence that a Palestinian state is one that is going to stick to its - to whatever bargain is struck; that if they make territorial compromises, if they arrive at a peace deal, that, in fact, that will mean the safety and security of the Jewish people and of Israel. And Hamas has not shown any willingness to make the kinds of concessions that Fatah has, and it's going to be very difficult for us to get a Palestinian partner on the other side of the table that is not observing the basic Quartet principles that we both believe - that both David [Cameron]and I believe in - the need to renounce violence, recognize the state of Israel, abide by previous agreements."

David Cameron a appuyé les propos de M. Obama et précisé:

"The Israelis need to know that America and her allies like Britain will always stand up for Israel's right to exist, right to defend herself, right to secure borders. That is absolutely vital that the Israelis know that their security is absolutely key to us. They need to know that."

Source: Christian Post (Full Text of Obama, Cameron London News Conference)

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