vendredi 6 mai 2011

L'écrivain Peter Moss tué dans l'attentat de Marrakech

"He was praised as one of the UK's finest travel writers 'with an unmatched eye for detail'."

Peter Moss, un auteur britannique connu pour ses récits de voyages, est le seul Britannique qui a perdu la vie dans l'attentat de Marrakech du 28 avril.  Il était également comédien et journaliste.  Apprenant sa mort la Princesse Lalla Joumala a écrit à Jonathan Pollard, éditeur de Jewish Chronicle, indiquant qu'elle avait lu les "témoignages émouvants" sur Peter Moss et que tout serait fait pour traduire devant la justice les auteurs de l'attentat.  Il a publié des artictles dans Jewish Chronicle qui lui rend hommage.  Extrait:

"Mr Moss, a member of New London Synagogue in St Johns Wood, was a coach for his 26-year-old filmmaker son's football team, FC Team. He previously taught sports at Rosh Pinah Primary School and performed stand-up comedy shows at various venues around the world. His son, Gideon, said: "He was the fittest player in the squad and even played for us when the team was first formed.

"Dad had a massive passion for films and watched them ferociously. It was on a trip he took us on to Kenya when I was about seven that I first used the family camcorder to make a film and was captivated from then on."

Stuart Lustigman, chairman of the Maccabi Masters Football League, which Mr Moss played for, said: "I was fortunate to have known him and I will always remember him for his individuality and unique personality."

Former JC travel editor, Jan Shure, said: "Peter Moss was a leading contributor for a decade, always bringing a very personal perspective to any destination he wrote about.

"He wrote with an artless fluency, his thrillingly vivid and beautifully structured prose bringing to life the cities, countries or hotels he experienced.

"In a citation in the British Press Awards, where he was a runner-up in 2001, for his JC writing, he was praised as one of the UK's finest travel writers 'with an unmatched eye for detail'. He always brought huge enthusiasm to his craft. He liked nothing better than to plant himself in a café, people-watch and make notes. It is a tragic irony he died almost certainly in search of something fresh and sharp to write about Marrakesh."

At the time of publication, the family were still waiting to hear when they could hold the funeral. Moroccan envoy Princess Lalla Joumala wrote to JC editor Stephen Pollard to say she had read the "moving tributes" on our website and promised "rapidly to bring those responsible to justice".

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