dimanche 25 avril 2010

Nouvel article sur Human Rights Watch et son hostilité envers Israël par Ben Birnbaum

Le site The Volokh Conspiracy rapporte que la prochaine édition de The New Republic comportera un article très fouillé sur l'ONG Human Rights Watch et son hostilité envers Israël écrit par un jeune journaliste nommé Ben BirbaumThe Sunday Times [Ce qui excite Human Rights Watch c'est Israël - analyse du Sunday Times] et de nombreux blogs ont dénoncé l'attitude de HRW.

Forthcoming TNR Piece on Human Rights Watch
David Bernstein • April 23, 2010 8:59 am

Word on the street is that the next issue of The New Republic will have an extensive investigative article on Human Rights Watch and its hostility to Israel, written by young journalist named Ben Birnbaum.

On cue, Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss–a Nation Institute sponsored anti-Israel and often anti-Jewish blog (really, how many “introspective” posts by founding blogger Weiss about how haughty and obnoxious Jews are as-he-learned-growing-up-Jewish-until-he-was-taught-better-manners-by-his-Gentile-wife does one have to read before one notices a pattern?)–launches a preemptive attack on Birnbaum.

Weiss has longstanding journalist-source ties to Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson, who [in both senses] shares with him an interest in analyzing Jewish psychology. (In fairness, Whitson has never expressed the same hostility to Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture that Weiss frequently does.) In turn, Whitson’s Facebook page has listed “Mondoweiss” as one of her very few favorite “Pages.” Leading to the question: Can’t HRW find a more credible attack dog than Weiss?

Robert L. Bernstein (le fondateur de HRW) réfute les arguments de Human Rights Watch

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