jeudi 8 avril 2010

Le spectacle de Dieudonné à Londres est annulé

Lorsque la direction de l'hôtel Millennium Gloucester a appris qu'il s'agissait de Dieudonné le spectacle prévu pour le 10 avril fut annulé.  Mais la question de savoir qui organisait l'événement reste néanmoins posée.  Va-t-on lui trouver une autre salle? 

Source: The Jewish Chronicle (Race-stunt comic banned)

"A planned London performance by a controversial French far-right comedian has been cancelled following complaints from the Jewish community. Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, who was last year fined by a French court for performing an antisemitic stunt, was due to perform in Kensington on Saturday evening.

The Cameroon-born performer has previously stood for the European Parliament as head of the Anti-Zionist Party, which he formed with Alain Soral, a former member of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s extreme-right National Front.

After discovering that he was due to appear in London, campaigners including Zionist Federation co-vice chair Jonathan Hoffman [Dieudonné in London] urged the hotel to reject Dieudonné’s booking and cancel the event.

A spokesman for the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre said: “It’s not going to take place. We had an enquiry from someone representing Dieudonné and then recently we had some calls from the Jewish community, telling us what the situation is with him.

“We decided not to pursue the booking and now it will not happen.”

Last October Paris judges fined Dieudonné €10,000 for "public anti-Semitic insults" and awarded €10,000 in legal costs to the organisations that sued him, including the Union of Jewish Students in France. The following month he revealed he had received funding from Iran to make “anti-Zionist” films.

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joel a dit…

Pourquoi un article sur cet être méprisable ?
Dieudonné a gagné sa place dans l' oubli !

BOLLYDANCE Superstars a dit…

Dieudonné, keep the good work up ! You are the best that is why they are trying to stop you ! The show was great, we all had a good time ;-)

will post shortly videos of the show, see you soon in London...

BOLLYDANCE Superstars a dit…

Le spectacle n'a pas du tout été annulé, c'est un mensonge que la federation sioniste d'Angleterre essaye de véhiculer, je posterai très prochainement des vidéos où vous pourrez apprécier le maître de l'humour à l'oeuvre !

BOLLYDANCE Superstars a dit…

Video of Dieudonné in London - 10 April 2010

Unknown a dit…

Dieudonné isn't anti-jew! he's a humorist that makes fun of every community of our society. He's also very sharp with the black africans, the muslims... etc
Unfortunately the jew community only tolerate that people joke about their community when a Jew himself does it (Woody Hallen, Sacha Coen etc... ).
The killing of Dieudonné by the jew community is a shame! They're wrong and giving wrong informations about the man. The lack of moral and freedom is coming from these people, who act like muslim extremists.