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Richard Landes crée un site qui analyse les failles du Rapport Goldstone (ONU)

Un blog vient d'être créé à l'initiave du Professeur Richard Landes (qui s'est beaucoup investi dans l'affaire Mohammed al-Dura [1]) consacré à l'analyse et à la déconstruction du très problématique Rapport Goldstone sur l'offensive militaire d'Israël contre les terroriste du Hamas.

Des auteurs et des bloggeurs éminents collaborent au nouveau site intitulé "Understanding the Goldstone report". Le site démontre que :

• The report violates international standards for inquries, including UN rules on fact-finding, replicating earlier UNHRC biased statements.
• The Commission systematically favored witnesses and evidence put forward by anti-Israel advocates, and dismissed evidence and testimony that would undermine its case.
• The commission relied extensively on mediating agencies, especially UN and NGOs, which have a documented hostility to Israel; the report reproduces earlier reports and claims from these agencies.
• At the same time, the Commission inexplicably downplayed or ignored substantial evidence of Hamas’ commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of terror, including specifically its victimization of the Palestinian population by its use of human shields, civilian dress for combatants, and combat use of protected objects like ambulances, hospitals and mosques.
• The Commission openly denies a presumption of innocence to the Israelis accused of crimes (while honoring Hamas’ presumed innocence) and acknowledges that it made accusations of crimes without proof that would stand up in court.
• The report contains numerous gratuitous digressions into issues beyond the purview of a fact-finding commission that are inaccurate and profoundly hostile to Israel and Jews.
• The Commission distorted legal standards, imposing on Israel standards that reverse their generally understood and applied meaning, while ignoring important rules of international law that put the onus of responsibility on an organization as base, by Goldstone’s own standards, as Hamas.
Présentation des collaborateurs:

This site has been established by a group of bloggers who have followed the news stories and NGO reports from Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, and the history of the Goldstone Commission. We have come together to offer a site that will put together the most cogent, empirically based, and logically argued critique of the Goldstone Commission.

Professor Richard Landes, a historian trained as a medievalist, teaching at Boston University, and creator of The Second Draft and The Augean Stables, is the organizer of the site. He has worked for years on the problems of the mainstream news media reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and more broadly on the problem of how our media and academics present and explain Islamism and Global Jihad to us, their audiences. He is about to publish a book entitled, Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience, and is currently writing another subtitled, A Medievalist’s Guide to the 21st Century.

Landes has invited the following bloggers and "MSNM critical" NGOs to join him in analyzing the Goldstone Report. We hope you will judge us not on what others say about our political orientation, but on the content of our analysis and the evidence we present.

Elder of Ziyon has blogged extensively about Arab and Israeli issues since 2004. He specializes in analysis of primary source material and the Arabic-language media, often scooping the mainstream media on stories from the Arab world.

Dr. Judith Apter Klinghoffer taught history and International relations at Rowan University, Rutgers University, the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing as well as at Aarhus University in Denmark where she was a senior Fulbright professor. She is an affiliate professor at Haifa University. Her books include Israel and the Soviet Union:Alienation or Reconcilliation, Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East: Unintended Consequences and International Citizens' Tribunals: Mobilizing Public Opinion to Advance Human Rights.

Daled Amos is a New Jersey blogger who blogs mostly about issues affecting Israel and the Jewish Community. Naturally, that means blogging from time to time about the Obama administration as well. There is a saying that "Incongruity is the springboard of laughter"-- fortunately it also provides a rich source for blogging as well. Daled Amos contributes to Soccer Dad and Israpundit.

Writing from a conservative perspective, Sammy Benoit has been editing "The Lid" (formerly Yidwithlid) since 2002. Always passionate and fair, the site provides commentary on Politics, Israel and the Jewish People. His work has also been featured in American Thinker, Pajamas Media,, Front Page, and the Washington Times. Sammy's commentary has been included in two books, Heaven on Earth, and Israel Under the Cloud of Terrorism, both published by Targum Press. A 30-year veteran of the Marketing Industry, Sammy lives in suburban NY with his wife and two kids and a very confused dog named Soos (horse).

Carl in Jerusalem is an Orthodox Jew, who was born in Boston, and spent seven years as a corporate and securities attorney in New York City before making aliya to Israel in 1991 Before he started blogging, he was a heavy contributor on a number of pro-Israel email lists and blogs, and ran an email list called the Matzav from 2000-2004, which gave daily updates of events in Israel. His blog, Israel Matzav, won the Weblog Award for Best Midsize Blog in 2008 and advocates for Israel from a right wing, religious perspective.

Aussie Dave (Israellycool).

David Gerstman (Soccer Dad) has been blogging since December 2003. He mostly focuses on Israel and media bias affecting Israel. In addition to maintaining his own blog along with co-bloggers Daled Amos and JudeoPundit, he contributes to

Martin Solomon is a Boston-based businessman who has written for print and internet publication, as well as given live presentations on issues involving the internet and Israel. He is an advisory board member of Americans for Peace and Tolerance and Christians and Jews United for Israel. He blogs at Solomonia.

Omri Ceren (Mere Rhetoric).

Maurice Ostroff (2nd Thoughts).


Yaacov ben Moshe (Breath of the Beast).

Eliyahu (Emet mi-Tsiyon).

Yisrael Medad (My Right Word) Blogging since 2004, Yisrael expresses his thoughts, assertions and observations on issues important to him as a Jew, a Zionist and a Revenant in Yesha, the area of Judea and Samaria. American born, he has resided in Israel since 1970 and lives with his family in Shiloh. He worked as a political aide to Members of Knesset and a Minister during 1981-1994, was director of Israel's Media Watch 1995-2000 and currently, is the Resource Information Director at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

Dov (

Gerald Steinberg (NGO Monitor).

CAMERA : Founded in 1982, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. CAMERA fosters rigorous reporting, while educating news consumers about Middle East issues and the role of the media. Because public opinion ultimately shapes public policy, distorted news coverage that misleads the public can be detrimental to sound policymaking. A non-partisan organization, CAMERA takes no position with regard to American or Israeli political issues or with regard to ultimate solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Simon Plosker (Honest Reporting).

[1] Cinq scenarii pour l’affaire al-Dura, Richard Landes

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