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La piste du Suédois dans le massacre d'Israéliens en Bulgarie envisagée par les enquêteurs

Novonite revient sur la possibilité que le jeune homme de type européen qui a commis l'attentat qui a coûté la vie à cinq Juifs israéliens et à un Bulgare n'était pas lui-même une bombe humaine mais aurait, à son insu, été utilisé comme "mule" pour transporter la bombe.  Celle-ci aurait été actionnée à distance.  Le vrai auteur (il y en aurait probablement plus d'un) pourrait être un ancien prisonnier de Guantanamo de nationalité suédoise.  Il s'agirait de Mehdi Ghezali. 

Novonite (Sofia News Agency) 
Bulgaria: Swedish Ex Guantanamo Inmate May Be Accomplice in Bulgarian Terrorist Attack
A photo of Swedish ex Guantanamo inmate Mehdi Ghezali with short hair (left) seems to match roughly the computer-generated image (right) of the wanted potential accomplice in the Burgas Bus Bombing.
The former detainee at GuantanamoMehdi Ghezali, might in fact be the wanted accomplice involved in the July 18 terrorist attack in Bulgaria's Burgas, judging by his photos and computer-generated images of the potential accomplice.
The July 18 terrorist attack in Bulgaria's Burgas, also known as the Burgas Bus Bombing, killed 5 Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver at the Sarafovo Airport near Burgas.
The Bulgarian and international investigators have already found that the bomb that exploded in the tourist bus at the Burgas Airport was placed inside the baggage compartment of the vehicle in a backpack by a young, blue-eyed Caucasian male – as clearly visible from photos of his head leaked [attention ces photos peuvent choquer] by Bulgarian site The authenticity of the photos has later been confirmed by the police.
Judging by his behavior, however, Bulgarian journalists and Israeli security experts have stipulated that the man in question was hardly a suicide bomber but was mostly likely used as a "mule", without being aware that he was carrying explosives, and that he was most likely blown up from a distance by another person who detonated the bomb once it was on the bus.
Former Guantanamo inmate Mehdi Ghezali, a Swedish citizen pictured with short and long hair, the second being his most frequent photo found online.
The days immediately after the Burgas Bus Bombing saw initial media reports that Mehdi Ghezali, a Swedish citizen and former Guantanamo inmate, was a possible suspect to be the actual suicide bomber. This information was quickly repudiated by the police authorities of Bulgaria and Sweden, which, however, made no mention of Ghezali's current location and occupation, and provided no grounds to base their claims on.
A comparison of Ghezali's photo, which can easily be found online, where he has short hair, appears to match the computer-generated image distributed on July 21 by Israeli media of a man, who is believed to have been an accomplice in the Burgas terrorist attack, and might even have been the one who detonated the bomb from a distance once the suspected mule placed it on the bus filled with Israeli tourists. (Please see the photos above).
The computer-generated image of the wanted accomplice or perpetrator (if he was the one who detonated the bomb) in question appears to be based on testimonies of Bulgarian witnesses. Initial media investigations in Bulgaria, however, were based on the statement of the Bulgarian government that the attack was committed by asuicide bomber (which is different from the "mule blown up from a distance" version mentioned above); that is why most reports at first assumed that the description provided by witnesses must match that of a suicide bomber acting alone.

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