mardi 11 mai 2010

Projet d'assassinat de David Ben-Gurion, la connection danoise, par Bent Blüdnikow

La haine d'Israël en Europe remonte loin.  On se trompe si on croit qu'il s'agit d'un phénomène récent.

Source: The Danish connection, par Bent Blüdnikow, The Jerusalem Post 

One of the very first times Denmark experienced the waves of violence emerging from the Middle East up close was in 1969. The case revolved around a plan to assassinate Israel’s legendary prime minister David Ben-Gurion, who had been the spokesman of Zionism since the 1930s and after the establishment of Israel, its leader. During his period of power, there were also many attempts to assassinate him, and one of them originated in Copenhagen.

On May 22, 1969, three people were imprisoned in Copenhagen on suspicion of plotting to murder Ben-Gurion. The group consisted of the female Palestinian artist Mona Saudi [she took part on September 6, 1970, when the PFLP hijacked four planes and brought them to Dawson Field in the Jordanian desert – an act that brought the PFLP great prestige and gained attention from around the world. Saudi was, according to several Saudi Arabian Web sites, including her own, an active member in the execution], the Iraqi Suheir Razzak and the Swede Rolf Svensson. The case was reported in the Danish and Swedish press and the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter described Svensson as the leader of a terrorist group with headquarters in Stockholm.

When the police stormed their hotel room, they found a pistol, a fragmentation grenade and ammunition. The plan, according to the newspapers, was that the trio was to travel to Rio de Janeiro and murder Ben-Gurion in Brazil. They were released after three weeks by the Danish police, and the press in both Denmark and Sweden was rife with rumors, albeit with only few reliable pieces of information. The real story, however, only came to light in 2002 when a Swedish investigation of the country’s intelligence service examined the case. According to the findings, Saudi arrived in Sweden in the spring of 1969 to exhibit Palestinian cartoons in Stockholm. During her stay, she met with Svensson, who in the report is characterized as an untrustworthy adventurer. Svensson and Saudi decided to execute a terrorist operation and from Sweden they traveled to Copenhagen and then on to Beirut, where they stayed for 11 days. According to Svensson, it was during this trip they were assigned to eliminate Ben-Gurion.
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