mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Des sociétés israéliennes protègent des centrales nucléaires européennes

"Any successful attempt at such an attack is liable to cause a catastrophe. The world already understands these threats, and some countries are preparing to deal with them."

Partout dans le monde, des sociétés israéliennes protègent des réacteurs nucléaires, notamment en Europe, contre des attaques terroristes.  La société Magna BSP le fait depuis des années et maintenant DSIT. Vous avez dit boycott???  Pendant que les uns détruisent d'autres construisent et protègent.

Globes: DSIT in deals to protect European nuclear plants

Israeli company DSIT Solutions yesterday reported its second deal within a week to guard nuclear reactors in Europe. Its parent company, Acorn Energy, reported to Nasdaq that DSIT would supply advanced systems to protect the canals through which water flows to cool the reactor core used to produce energy. Industry sources estimated the deal at $1 million.  

DSIT develops, manufactures, and installs sonar systems for early detection of underwater threats in the vicinity of sensitive facilities, such as oil and natural gas drilling platforms, marine borders, ports, and nuclear reactors. The company's product, AquaShield, is installed near the protected facility capable of remote detection of divers, submarines, and explosive devices. Two weeks ago, DSIT reported another deal to supply its AquaShield sonar-based defense systems for a nuclear reactor in another European country.

The company today declined to disclose particulars about its customers. Nevertheless, informed sources in the sector said that the agreement reported tonight was with a company that operates many other reactors throughout Europe. The sources added that this deal could lead to additional deals in the future for the supply of reactor defense systems, which are currently exposed to terrorist attacks by sea. "We have the ability to detect, monitor, and classify any underwater threat automatically, without any intervention from an operator. The technology is based on sonar similar to that used in ultrasound imaging, but covering a significantly larger area," DSIT VP marketing Dan Ben Dov told "Globes" today. "Canals through which water flows to cool the reactor core constitute an Achilles heel, and our sonar systems can do a good job of closing this breach."  SUITE.

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