mardi 12 octobre 2010

La débâcle de J Street (USA) et de J Call (franco-belge)

Deux associations donneurs de leçons aux égos sur-dimensionnés ... si on veut rester aimable et poli. Pour J Call - dont les initiateurs béats d'admiration se sont inspirés de J Street - la débâcle fut quasi immédiate. "L'appel de J Call est un encouragement à la guerre pour les ennemis d'Israël", S. Trigano.

J Call a fait illusion pendant un court laps de temps, mais la débâcle est totale.  Ce qui rend la démarche des aimables farceurs de J Street encore plus insignifiante.  Comment a-t-on pu les prendre au sérieux ?

Source: Barry Rubin

I have been writing about how J Street is an anti-Israel group pretending to be a liberal pro-Israel group while the truth has been shielded by the mass media. I pointed out how it had worked with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's lobby last year to try to block sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

A typical front group is one in which leaders use false claims to win followers who would never support the organization if they understood its true nature. In other words, those actually leading and guiding J Street are seeking to destroy the American Jewish support base for Israel. Many of the individual members have good intentions and no idea that this is so. Well, now they have the evidence.

J Street lied in claiming not to have received large-scale funding from George Soros, the billionaire financier for left-wing and anti-Israel causes. There are other really shady things going on to conceal where their money comes from. It is possible the group broke the law by using money from a resident of Hong Kong to support American political candidates.

Now, too, it has come out that it wanted to organize the Capitol Hill visit of Richard Goldstone, author of the extremely flawed anti-Israel UN report on the Gaza Strip. As a result, Colette Avital, a Labour Party politician, has resigned as the group's representative in Israel. By the way, J Street is once again lying but the conversation about Goldstone is on tape. Incidentally, Avital also denied telling the reporter anything about Goldstone. The tape also shows her to be a liar.

Indeed, Jeremy Ben-Ami is so inept that while denying they actually helped Goldstone confirmed they were ready to do so: "J Street staff spoke to colleagues at the organizations coordinating the meetings and, at their behest, reached out to a handful of congressional staff to inquire whether members would be interested in seeing Judge Goldstone."

There is another, broader story here, however, that is extremely important. Indeed, it applies to virtually every other issue foreign and domestic for the United States.
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