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Les meilleures inventions scientifiques palestiniennes (à l'intention les boycotteurs d'Israël)

"Il y a des personnes qui pensent qu'il y a trop d'Etats juifs et pas assez d'Etats musulmans - ces personnes boycottent Israël" (Fasdunkle)

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Le Professeur Stephen Hawking boycotte Israël, mais pas l'Iran.  Et il ne boycotte pas les inventions israéliennes qui améliorent sensiblement sa qualité de vie (The speech device (synthétiseur vocal) which enables Hawking to communicate with the world is a computer Intel Core i7-based communication system. Which runs on a chip designed by Israel).

Inspiré par la décision de Hawking de boycotter Israël, Israelly Cool a créé ce poster qui évoque les domaines où les scientifiques palestiniens excellent et font avancer l'humanité à pas de géant: ingénierie et technologie spatiale (alias science des fusées), théorie du Big bang, mécanique quantique, théorie des cordes (pour bombes humaines), dont vous pourrez apprécier ci-dessous la sophistication et le mode d'emploi.
Théorie des cordes.
Bombe humaine: dès son plus jeune âge le bambin palestinien s'initie à la science dans son milieu familial.
Des Internautes s'expriment sur le site du Spectator.

"What amuses me is that the BDS movement with their self-important, self-righteous posturing and their quiet glee that they can now trumpet their anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism (and I include self-hating Jews in that) probably think that they will somehow bring down the state of Israel. They don't seem to realise what is working against that ambition. For example Israel just signed a $400,000,000 trade deal with China to add to the $8 billion annual trade between the two countries. There are now Jewish studies and Hebrew courses available at Chinese universities. So doubtless the BDS lefties will now protest outside Chinese embassies as they did when Tibet was invaded....Oh wait a minute."

"As an Israeli attorney who represents victims of terrorism stated: "Hawking's decision to join the boycott of Israel is quite hypocritical for an individual who prides himself on his whole intellectual accomplishment. His whole computer-based communications system runs on a chip designed by Israel's Intel team. I suggest if he truly wants to pull out of Israel he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet."

And it 's not only Hawking whose life would be virtually impossible without Israeli innovations. In fact, every field imaginable has been enriched by Israeli breakthroughs. Anyone calling for boycotts of Israeli merchandise and ingenuity would do well to reconsider. Indeed, shunning products made in Israel is tantamount today to having an utterly impoverished existence, if not a death wish."
"It is true that to be consistent, those separating out Jews, their country, their culture or religion should avoid using technology developed by Jews; but since when have racists been consistent?

I wonder how this boycott will go when the new Israeli gas supplies come on line over the next few years. I suspect once the Arabs gas and oil is exhausted and the much nearer Israeli gas field are producing the story will change. Hypocrisy, hatred and ignorance writ large seems to seep into the highest levels of British academia. This does not say a lot for British academia.

Human treatment of the Jews reflects on us not on them...and not very well."
"Thinking about the long term and the big picture has obviously not sharpened Hawking's perceptions of a small people on a tiny patch of planet. Asserting one's humanity at the expense of Jews is a cultural reflex. It is easy - needs no mental effort, which he must devote to larger things."
"Why did Hawking bother wasting his precious time with this silly boycott drama? What is he hoping to achieve? Israel should stop paying attention to such gimmicks and be confident in its sovereignty. It has a lot of support internationally."
"I rather like Theodore Dalrymple's description of the liberal intelligentsia as being those who "express themselves more to flaunt the magnanimity of their intentions than to propagate truth"'
"You appear to be concerned about people losing their homes and their land. I wonder if you are aware of the fact that around 860,000 Jews were either expelled from the Arab world from the 1950's onwards, or fled? There are very few left in those countries - check for yourself.

Many went to Israel. In fact, around half the Israeli population comprises Jewish refugees from the Arab world.  My husband is one such refugee. He is Egyptian with Syrian relatives. He was just 2 when his family received notice to get out of Egypt in 48hrs. Officials came to the house and stripped it of goods they fancied. Their bank accounts were seized, their home forfeit, their jewellery, cameras and so on confiscated. They were only allowed to take with them two suitcases of clothes for the entire family. They didn't go to Israel - the boat they were put on headed Europe-wards and they bounced around a few countries before settling in France. They received no compensation - certainly no attention - and they probably never will.

Despite this neither my husband nor our children - or indeed any of the family and subsequent generations - have ever thought to strap explosives on themselves and blow up innocent Arabs."
"I go out of my way to avoid, if I can, any product that comes from an islamic country. However, I am forced to buy Arab oil."
""Israel is the ONLY reason there is instability in the Middle East"
Nonsense here are more significant causes of middle eastern instability:
(1) Sunnis and Shiites fighting each other for theological supremacy
(2) Dictatorships imposed on the Muslims
(3) Muslim theology and its attempt to impose their religion on the rest of the world
(4) The fight over petroleum resources by the rest of the world
(5) Arbitrary borders drawn by Europeans which cut across ethnic boundaries
These are larger causes of instability than the existence of Israel.
Please do not let a few facts get in the way of your Judeophobic rant."
"The Palestinians are not under rocket fire day in, day out, year in, year out. Their civilians are NEVER targeted. Only their militants and their weapon stores. Conversely, it is Israeli civilians who are the target of Hamas rockets.

I'm always amazed by this faux-concern for Palestinians. Because faux-concern is what it is. Do you give a damn about Palestinians in Jordan or the rest of the Arab world who are the underclass in these countries - denied citizenship in some, treated appallingly in most. Or is it just when you can shoehorn in an Israeli or a Jew?

I'm amazed by those who encourage the Palestinian leadership on from the safety of their armchairs in the West, and who support flotillas, flytillas, Global marches, boycotts and frankly, anything but a peaceful resolution, and in doing so, encourage violent scenes. When Israelis then act as a result and if some are injured, those who have encouraged this absolve themselves of all responsibility."

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Anonyme a dit…

S'il est un trait de caractere commun aux politiciens et aux universitaires
(ainsi qu'aux acteurs,...) c'est par definition la vanite. Il ne faudrait pas reduire l'hostilite envers Israel a la seule question du petrole. Pour ne parler que de la diplomatie francaise, souvenons-nous de de Gaulle mais aussi, depuis Giscard d'Estaing, de la phrase recurrente "La paix ne se fera pas au Proche-Orient en l'absence de la France". La diplomatie francaise a du reste reussi, en diverses occasions, a bloquer tout progres a l'orogine duquel (evidemment) elle n'avait pas de part: par exemple, lorsque Giscard a considere comme non important le traite de paix avec l'Egypte, ou lorsque, a Paris, Chirac a empeche Arafat de signer l'accord prepare par Mrs Allbright.
Ces "succes" faciles de la dilpomatie francaise ne furent bien sur que des succes de vanite, aux consequences sans doute tragiques.
Pour la plupart des chercheurs (ecrivains, artistes,...) rien n'est aussi delectable que la notoriete. Il n'y a peut-etre pas a chercher ailleurs les raisond de cet engouement genocidaire contre Israel.

Philo a dit…

Beaucoup de chercheurs, écrivains, artistes cherchent en effet la notoriété et prennent des postures pseudo-progressistes qu'ils font passer pour des actes de résistance; de grand courage, alors qu'ils sont confortablement assis dans leur fauteuils ou présents dans les plateaux de TV. Ce sont des postures qui leur rapportent la gloriole et parfois un aura de martyre. Il convient donc d'être pro-palestinien. La liste d'intellectuels peu courageux, voire de ceux qui ont défendu les pires tyrannies - tout au long de l'histoire est impressionnante.

Quant aux politiques dont vous parlez, Anonyme, ils suivent une politique forcément anti-israélienne et anti-américaine et pro-arabe, pro-musulmane. On aimerait connaître le nom des politiciens européens qui s'opposent à l'adhésion de la Turquie à l'UE. Les gouvernements allemand et portugais (le Portugal est en état de faillite...) viennent de faire des déclarations en faveur d'accélération de la procédure d'adhésion la semaine dernière. De toute façon il s'agit d'une promesse et il faudra bien respecter cette promesse.

Anonyme a dit…

Ça fait des décénies qu'Hawking n’a plus rien publié. D’autres se servent de son nom pour écrire des livres de vulgarisation à sa place et encaisser une partie des droits d’auteur. Ce qui surtout mis en avant, c’est son handicap (ça fait pleurer Margot dans les chaumières et c’est très vendeur). Au du temps , il a fini par se construire un personnage.