samedi 26 juillet 2014

Le Times décrit l'attaque du restaurant Pitzman à Paris

Des "jeunes" criant: "Mort aux Juifs"  et "Nous allons vous égorger."  Les clients terrifiés ont dû attendre 20 minutes avant que la police ne disperse la meute.

Muslim attacks on French Jews revive pogrom fears

Diners were tucking into their falafels in Pitzman, a celebrated kosher restaurant in the Jewish district of Paris when the owner got a call to say a mob of youths was heading his way. He just had time to pull down the metal shutters before 30 or so gathered outside, screaming “Hamas resistance”, “Israel assassin”, “Death to Jews” and “We’re going to slit your throats”. Inside, customers cowered in fear for 20 minutes before police intervened to break up the mob. [...]

Paris | Manif anti-Israël 23/07/2014 | Antisémitisme : "Tous au quartier juif !"

Voir comment le Parisien rapporte l'attaque ICI.

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