jeudi 2 juillet 2009

C'est drôle, vous n'avez pas l'air antisémite, par Steve Cohen

Le livre de Steve Cohen (1945-2009) "That's Funny, You Don't Look Anti-Semitic: une analyse anti-raciste de l'antisémitisme de gauche" a été mis en ligne par Engage. Ecrit en 1984, le livre est plus que jamais d'actualité.

That's Funny You Don't Look Anti-Semitic: An anti-racist analysis of left anti-semitism

Edition edited and produced by Libby Lawson and Erica Bunnan.

The book is dedicated to Abram Leon, Jew and revolutionary, who was murdered in Auschwitz at the age of 26.



The Socialism of Fools
Anti-semitism—Anti-semitism without Jews—Left anti-Semitism—Socialism, Anti-semitism, Thatcherism and Fascism.

The Anti-Semitism of English Socialism's Formative Years
Background—Immigration controls—English and Jewish opposition—Rich Jew, poor Jew; the conspiracy theory in practice—Anti-alienism or anti-semitism—Imperialism and history—Fascists reclaim history.

The Left Returns to Zion
The Left organizations—The issues—Zionism and the theory of world domination—Equating Zionism with imperialism; anti-Zionism without Zion—The collective guilt of all Jews for Zionism—The Lebanon invasion—Zionism's dominant position within Jewry—The distortion of the Jewish predicament—The alternative to Zionism.

The Left's Advice to Jews—Assimilate and Stop Being Jewish
Assimilationism—Left orthodoxy—Assimilation as an answer to anti-semitism—Jewish survival through anti-semitism—Determinism and Fatalism—Are the Jews a people-class?—Marx the assimilated Jew—Jewish self-organization—Assimilation and the Jewish establishment—Chauvinism or anti-semitism?—Jewish behaviour seen as responsible for anti-semitism—The politics of terminology.

Left Responses
'Jews exaggerate their predicament'—'There are Jews on the Left'—'Criticisms of Left anti-semitism plays into the hands of anti-communists'—'Anti-semitism is a series of "mistakes".

How The Left Does Not Fight Anti-Semitism
Left modesty—Complicity in anti-semitism—Denying the significance of the material consequences of anti-semitism—Denying the significance of anti-semitism as an ideology.

The Non-Jewish Question

Bibliographical Sources

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