samedi 1 décembre 2018

Les Israéliens ont des impératifs non négociables qu'ils ne pourront jamais abandonner (Carl Jacobs)

Un excellent article sur les "réfugiés" palestiniens.

Carl Jacobs @ Archbishop Cranmer blog:
"[…] The ‘Peace Process’ has always tried to reconcile two mutually-exclusive goals: it is supposed to satisfy both Palestinian national aspiration and ‘legitimate’ Israeli security concerns. The problem is that the former condition automatically compromises the latter. The Israelis have certain non-negotiable imperatives that they can never surrender: 
1. The Israelis will never surrender control of the border at the Jordan River.
2. The Israelis will never surrender control of the resources on the West Bank – especially water.
3. The Israelis will never surrender control of the air space over the West Bank.
4. The Israelis will never surrender the high ground that overlooks the major Israeli population centers on the Mediterranean coast.
5. The Israelis will never surrender the strategic depth afforded by the West Bank.
6. The Israelis will never allow a hostile military force under Palestinian control on the West bank.
7. The Israelis will never, ever, ever allow the Palestinians to conclude foreign treaties that allow foreign nations to station military forces on the West Bank.

These are all legitimate Israeli security concerns, and a true Palestinian state would undermine each and every one. If the Palestinians were to receive a true state on the West bank, Israel would have to surrender on every single point. After all, a state is not a state if it doesn’t have sovereign control of its territory and its borders and its resources and its foreign policy. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that any Palestinian state would have to be de-militarised. No Israeli government could say otherwise. That condition alone means a two-state solution is off the table, and should lead the reader to immediately question what is meant by ‘two states’. Unless the Americans are willing to break Israeli knee-caps, an actual viable Westphalian Palestinian state west of the Jordan River will never happen. And the Trump Administration has now said: “We won’t break their knee caps. Sorry.” The parties are free make the best deal they can as far as Trump is concerned, but the (ahem) Palestinian trump-card of dispossession has been removed from the deck. The best the Palestinians can ever hope to achieve is some form of autonomy under Israeli sovereignty. 
By cutting off the aid and rejecting the privileged Palestinian definition of refugee, the US has told the Palestinians that there will be no more appeals to the historic wrongs they allege. There will be no more gravy-train of easy American money. It has indicated that the Palestinians will not be considered perpetual refugees entitled to perpetual international support, and perhaps they should be making alternate plans for the future – plans that don’t involve the impossible fantasy of returning by conquest or treaty to a land they will never inhabit. Time is not necessarily on their side anymore. For 70 years, they have been fighting a war of annihilation in their heads – fantasising about the day when, at last, they have the Israelis at the point of a bayonet. For 70 years, they have not faced up to the reality of defeat. They reject the understanding that it was a really bad idea to start a war of annihilation and lose it. Instead they sit in refugee camps living off aid money and nursing their resentments. It’s time for the Palestinians to submit to the reality of defeat. It’s the only possible avenue for peace in the Middle East. 
It’s much easier to come to terms with reality when people aren’t paying you to pretend you are a great force of history striving to correct past wrongs. Then you will suddenly realise you have to find a way to make a living."
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