jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Une Israélo-Ougandaise, nouvelle recrue de Tsahal. Apartheid?

"Mon grand-père m'a appris à me considérer comme une citoyenne israélienne et que j'avais le devoir de servir mon pays"

Faites la connaissance de la soldate Or Meidan: "It was a historical night for the 150 soldiers who stood under the stars in the Old City of Jerusalem. Standing at the Kotel — called the Western Wall in English — the soldiers were swearing their allegiance to protect the people and the State of Israel. Many of the new IDF recruits, who serve as soldiers in the Air Defense Command, protect Israel’s civilians against attacks by operating theIron Dome missile defense system.

One soldier in the unit, Pvt. Or Meidan, stands out amongst the new recruits. In 2011, Pvt. Meidan immigrated to Israel from Uganda with her family. “We were living at a kibbutz, Yad Mordechi, during operation Pillar of Defense,” she recalls of her first days in the country. “Rockets were flyingnear us every day from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.”  Lire la suite ICI.

D'autres soldates de Tsahal.
Western WallFriday morning, 04/10/2013

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