jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Le boycott d'Israël fait un grandissime Pschitt Pschitt Pschitt

Les boycotteurs et les boycotteuses d'Israël (un boycott tout théorique, n'est-ce pas?) sont définitivement K.O.  La Chine est très gourmande de technologie israélienne et c'est le gouvernement chinois qui le dit.  Révélé par Jono Rose sur le blog Israelly Cool - un lecteur du blog a laissé ce commentaire très juste: "It’s about time we exploded the big lie that Israel is isolated and friendless in the world. China is far from the only country that has significant trade deals with Israel. The hypocritical attitudes are, I would say, based on the fear by the “international community” of losing face over betting on the wrong horse as Israel grows in power and prosperity while its neighbors engage in wholesale slaughter."

When something is published on the CNTV (China Network Television) website, one can read between the lines that the government of China is trying to send an official message. CNTV – a subsidiary of CCTV (China Central Television) is a pure propaganda enterprise. Its government PR of the highest order.
So it was with great satisfaction today that I was directed to a piece on the CNTV website entitled “Israeli water technology meets China’s needs” and featuring the following video:
In case you don’t like watching video, here are some highlights:
"A large delegation of Chinese officials are in Israel this week for the Water Technology Conference where the latest in hydro innovation is being showcased. And some of the front water technologies that are on display might just suit China’s needs.
High level Chinese officials from the ministry of economy, ministry of water resources and Shandong province were in Tel Aviv this week for a major Water Technology Conference. China-Israel cooperation on water problems has grown rapidly in recent years, bringing fresh drinking water through desalination, new irrigation techniques for farmers and major efforts to reduce pollution. One of the many joint ventures is the Guangdong China-Israel Industrial Park.
And furthermore: 
Israel technology is already deployed throughout China in drip irrigation, waste water management and desalination and from the high interest that’s being shown in today’s conference, it seems that Israeli footprint is only going to grow larger.
Please pay attention to the highlighted bits in bold. This is an official Chinese government communique released to its English language propaganda site to tell the world that China intends to buy lots of Israeli technology.
Its an incredibly refreshing item from a mouthpiece that is generally not friendly to Israel at all. In fact typically Israel is painted as the bad guy wherever possible by official Chinese government press outlets (a redundant statement, since there are no independent ones) like you can see from the language of this recent release about the restarting of “peace talks”.
What conclusions can we draw? Not much, except that it shows the typical hypocritical attitudes of countries that pay lip service to Israel’s enemies, yet find themselves unable to solve their own problems without our assistance. China seems to have resigned itself to this fact.
BTW, its an interesting mental exercise to hypothesise the possible effects of an Israeli technology embargo on the rest of the world. Try it some day.

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