dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Déchaînement d'Israël-bashing au Parlement européen grâce à socialiste belge Véronique De Keyser

Grâce à la pasionaria belge francophone Véronique De Keyser.  Le Parlement européen a refusé qu'un représentant israélien participe au "séminaire" pendant lequel une pancarte accusait Israël de pratiquer le nettoyage ethnique.  En Belgique francophone, pas de réaction des dirigeants juifs... totalement impuissants.  Merci au blog finlandais non-Juif Tundra Tabloids d'avoir relevé l'information... ainsi qu'à Elder of Ziyon.

JPost, Benjamin Weinthal (Socialist MEP from Belgium hold anti-Israel event over Beduin policy). 
Leila Shahid assiste au séminaire!
The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament on Thursday prevented an Israeli official from participating in panel discussion on the Israeli Beduin community, which degenerated into a anti-Israel hate festival, Israeli diplomats said.  Véronique De Keyser, a socialist MEP from Belgium, led the seminar sponsored by the group titled “Beduin in the Naqab/Negev: Dreams and Nightmare.”
David Saranga, head of Israel’s European Parliament Liaison Department Mission to the European Union in Brussels, told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday evening that during the event, organizers displayed a poster saying: “Stop Prawer-Begin Plan, no ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Beduin.”  He criticized the panel for exploiting the Beduin as a Boycott, Sanctions, Divestment tactic against Israel.
In a letter to European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Socialist group President Hannes Swoboda, Israeli Ambassador to the EU David Walzer wrote: “It is unacceptable that a poster accusing Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ toward the Beduin population in the Negev was used during the event hosted by the S&D Group. Europeans and Israelis are fully aware of the possible consequences of the irresponsible use of such words. I hope that you would agree with us that this is
certainly not the best way to handle a constructive dialogue on ‘the state of play of the Prawer-Begin Plan.’” Israel plans to develop the Negev for new residential communities and military bases. The Prawer- Begin Plan seeks to regulate Arab settlement in the Negev by legalizing ownership to 63 percent of land claimed by Beduin, to compensate them with land and cash and work to improve their standard of living.  Schulz has not issued a response. Lire la suite ICI.

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