lundi 9 septembre 2013

The Observer corrige une fausse allégation sur Israël par une journaliste franco-arabe

Le Observer (Guardian) a dû rectifier un article de la journaliste franco-arabe Nabila Ramdani [1]. La journaliste bénéficie d'une page Wikipédia extrêmement élogieuse dans laquelle il est mentionné qu'elle dénonce sans relâche les attitudes racistes, tout particulièrement celles des Français. Les Français seraient-ils donc racistes? ("Ramdani has been a constant critic of racist attitudes, especially in France.")  Et évidemment pour Mme Ramdani les Occidentaux sont des hypocrites. Et les Israéliens idem...

Le JPost rapporte qu'Israël a gagné une petite bataille contre les insidieuses et fréquentes tentatives d'assimiler l'utilisation par Israël de phosphore blanc contre les terroriste du Hamas à Gaza à l'utilisation d'armes chimiques par le régime syrien. C'est en effet ce qu'a prétendu dans Nabila Ramdani:

""Others point to the hypocrisy of the west, which continues to provide some of the most lethal weapons known to mankind to its political and trade allies," she wrote. "US-sourced white phosphorus shells – a chemical weapon that causes severe burning right down to the bone – were used by Israeli forces against Palestinians in Gaza in 2008 in breach of all international conventions, for example."

This paragraph raised the ire of the Israeli embassy in London. The spokesman there, Yiftah Curiel, contacted the editors of the Observer and requested a correction which – after a degree of give and take – was indeed provided.  "This is an example of zero tolerance for disinformation," the official said. "If this goes unchallenged, then it becomes the conventional and accepted wisdom. It needs to be corrected." Israeli officials said this "setting the record straight" was especially important in this case amid some pernicious efforts – with the world's attention focused on Assad's use of chemical weapons – to blame Israel for having used chemical weapons in the past."

Il convient de préciser que le paragraphe figure toujours tel quel sur le site du journal.  Le Guardian/Observer publié une rectification à part:

"Contrary to the impression given in "Assad is a war criminal, but an attack will do nothing for the people of Syria" (Comment, last week, page 34), white phosphorus, used by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2008, is not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention, and its use is in itself not "in breach of all international conventions"."

[1] Nabila Ramdani is a French-Arab journalist who worked extensively in Syria until the Arab Spring

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