jeudi 21 mars 2019

"Israel now looms large in India’s strategic consciousness"

Shairee Malhotra est chercheuse associée à l'European Institute for Asian Studies basé à Bruxelles.

Source: The Caravan (extrait):
Praveen Donthi: Modi, the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the internet Hindus in general, have in the past expressed their admiration for Israel's approach to dealing with security problems. Is Israel’s influence on India growing since Modi has come to power? Or is the difference only in optics, as it is more open now?

Shairee Malhotra: Yes, there are increasingly those within the wider Indian strategic community including think tanks, intelligence and military officials who believe that India can learn and benefit from Israel’s experiences and expertise, and that the two countries should collude on these. As I said, Israel now looms large in India’s strategic consciousness as a country that has the expertise to benefit India in its fight against terrorism. While the strategic relationship existed even before, PM Modi and PM Netanyahu’s visits to each other’s respective nations has allowed the same to come out of the closet. The vivid push and “[the] sky is the limit” bonhomie between the two nations since PM Modi’s advent to power has increased.

Having said that, this upward trend in India-Israeli relations would continue whichever government rules over New Delhi, and there is nothing negative or worrisome about this. It is pragmatic and interest-driven thinking, which is what drives international relations. However, what is disturbing is framing this pragmatic relationship in ideological terms which certain commentators and academics are doing.
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