vendredi 21 décembre 2012

Une ONG palestinienne financée par l'Europe glorifile le terrorisme et la haine d'Israël et des USA

PMW: L'Union européenne et plusieurs pays européens financent l'ONG palestinienne PYALARA cautionnant ainsi la glorification du terrorisme et la haine des Juifs et de l'Amérique. PYALARA est le co-producteur de ce programme qui est subsidié par NDC (Centre de Développement des ONG). Les donateurs internationaux de NDC sont: l'Union européenne (pas de surprise), la Banque Mondiale, le gouvernement français via l'Agence Française de Développement, un consortium de donateurs comprenant la Suisse, le Danemark, les Pays-Bas et la Suède, le Islamic Development Bank, le United Palestinian Appeal, et l'ONG palestinienne Welfare Association. PYALARA est également financé par le Olof Palme International Center (Suède). (Voir également Incitation à la haine: l'UNICEF condamne l'ONG palestinienne PYALARA, 2010).  Jamais le gouvernement américain ne financerait des ONG pareilles, très appréciées en Europe.

Two teenage hosts on the Palestinian Authority TV program for youth Speak Up, which is co-produced with the Palestinian NGO PYALARA, chose to read aloud a poem that glorified plane hijackings and threatened Israel and the United States:

“People of Israel, don’t get caught up in arrogance,
the hands of the clock will surely come round...
Expect us always, expect us where least expected.
We’re in every airport, and in every ticket.
We emerge in Rome and in Zurich from under the rock…

Our men arrive without warning, with the fury of thunder and the pounding of rain.
They come in the Prophet’s robe and with Omar’s sword (Muslim conqueror).
Remember, always remember that America, important as it is, is not Allah the Almighty and Omnipotent, and that America with all its strength will not stop the birds from flying.
A small rifle in the hand of a small boy can kill the big one.”

The mention of Rome and Zurich in the poem is a reference to hijackings by PLO/PFLP terrorists. In July 1968, El Al Flight 426 from Rome was hijacked. In February 1969, terrorists attempted to hijack El Al Flight 432 before taking off from Zurich.

After reading the poem, the hosts sent greetings to NDC – the international organization that funds the NGO PYALARA, a co-producer of the TV program:
“Today we greet the NGO Development Center - NDC that helps us discuss youth affairs.”

Palestinian Media Watch reported earlier this year that this EU-funded NGO glorified 91 terrorists on the same TV program. During a report on the official PA military funeral for the terrorists, the two young program hosts stated that “these [Martyrs] are more honored than all of us... They are the greatest role models for us.” Rhe terrorist “role models” included over ten suicide bombers.

When PMW reported on this, PYALARA’s website listed several aid organizations as its donors, among them the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office, Save the Children UK and Cordaid. [...]

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