mardi 27 janvier 2015

Alexis Tsipras 'accorde' à Israël le droit d'exister, ce que refusent des cadres de son parti

Ca doit être la bonne nouvelle du jour.  Dans sa  magnificence et son infinie bonté Son Excellence le nouveau PM grec Alexis Tsipras daigne accorder à Israël le droit d'exister, tout en se déchaînant contre Israël. Le parti Syriza s'identifie totalement à la cause palestinienne et même à ses terroristes. Et pour couronner le tout le Sauveur de la Grèce a formé une coalition avec Panos Kammenos quis'est plaint que les Juifs grecs, ces éternels fraudeurs, ne paient pas d'impôts.  Ainsi va l'Europe...

Ben Cohen @ The Algemeiner.  Extraits:

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), an outfit known for its sober and dispassionate analysis, says that a “crisis of democracy” now prevails in a Europe where the voting public feels great remoteness from the political class. And there are approaching elections in the U.K., Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, and Ireland—all these polls will demonstrate the degree to which the new parties and movements of left and right can shake the established political parties.

The first test of that will be in Greece on Jan. 25, in an election that pundits are predicting will result in a victory for the leftist coalition Syriza. Current polls show Syriza with 35 percent of the vote, ahead of the much more familiar, much more establishment New Democracy Party by 4 percentage points.

I was more shocked by what I saw at the other end of the scale: PASOK, the former governing Socialist Party, with 5 points, Golden Dawn, an organization of violent neo-Nazi thugs and vandals, with 6 points. All in all, there is a strong chance that Greece will go into this year with the most left-wing government in the history of post-war Europe, with a large contingent of far right criminals itching for a fight as well. (If you’re wondering what that means for Israel, it’s not good. The current Greek government has a decent relationship with Israel; a Syriza government will be distinguished by the fact that most of its far left constituent parts don’t think Israel has the right to exist in the first place. Alexis Tsipras, Syriza’s leader, doesn’t share that view, but he is a harsh and hyperbolic critic of Israel even so.)

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