dimanche 26 août 2018

La majorité des Allemands n'ont jamais rencontré un Juif

La plupart des Allemands n'ont jamais rencontré et ne rencontreront jamais un Juif, pour la simple raison que les Juifs constituent une part infime de la population. Francfort, qui abrite la deuxième communauté juive du pays (derrière Berlin), ne compte que 7.000 Juifs, pour une population de 5,7 millions d'habitants.

Handelsblatt (Mark Leonard):
[…] But since 2015, when Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her policy of Willkommenskultur (“welcoming culture”) and opened Germany’s doors to refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, unease about resurgent anti-Semitism has been growing in the German establishment, and particularly in the Jewish community.
Attacks on Jews have sparked outrage from the many Germans who thought such scenes had vanished forever from their country’s streets. But, in addition to the more visible abuses, German Jews have also begun to talk about more subtle changes in their everyday lives as major German cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin grow more multicultural. […]

[…] most Germans have never, and will never, meet a Jew, for the simple reason that Jews constitute a vanishingly small share of the population. Frankfurt, home to the country’s second-largest Jewish community (behind Berlin), has only 7,000 Jews, out of a metropolitan-area population of 5.7 million.
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