jeudi 14 juin 2018

Trump fait plus confiance à Netanyahu qu'à Merkel

Walter Russell Mead:
"When Mr. Trump looks at Germany today, he may not see much of an ally. Germany benefits immensely, the president believes, from America’s investments in NATO and more generally in Europe. But it responds with selfish trade policies, moral lectures, and security free-riding. Believing, as Mr. Trump does, that Russia isn’t a threat to the U.S., he feels no need to bury U.S.-German differences for the sake of anti-Russian unity.

Mr. Trump thinks Israel is a smarter and better ally than Germany. He listens to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more than he does to Mrs. Merkel because he thinks Israel’s aggressive defense of its national interests reflects a better understanding of the world, and because he thinks cooperating with Bibi brings more political benefit at home and more effective assistance abroad than anything the Germans are willing to provide."
Lire l'article complet @ Wall Street Journal

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