lundi 6 avril 2015

Juifs en Europe: un tabassage par ci, une claque par là, une insulte par ci, une tuerie par là, une conspiration par ci, un vandalisme par là. (2)

UK: Former UN diplomat knocked 

unconscious in antisemitic attack

Austria: Hamas organizations protest for destruction of Israel

Belgium: Socialist party marginalising Jewish members 

Belgium: Jew asks Jeffrey Goldberg whether he should leave Belgium

Belgium: Insurance company refuses to insure Jewish kindergarten

Bosnia: Football fans wave Palestinian flags, chant "Kill, kill, the Jews"

Bosnia: Jewish leader attacked in Sarajevo

Europe: Requests for public funds to protect Jewish communities generate resentment, anti-Semitic response

Europe: Living a Jewish life is full of "everyday acts of courage"

Hungary: Anti-Jewish graffiti  

Hungary: 31% of Hungarians are antisemitic

Israel: "They [European observers] are against Jews too"

France: French publisher of Greek finance minister is a conspiracy theorist

Italy: Palestinians, Communists force Jews out of annual Italian Liberation Day parade

Netherlands: Police officers unwilling to intervene in antisemitic incidents

 Norway: Labour Party politician compares Israel to Nazis, Islamic State 

Slovenia: Philosopher Slavoj Zizek tells an obscene Jewish joke in an interview with Spiegel 

Sweden: "In one day, I spotted and heard more anti-Semitism than I did in a week in Morocco"

UK: Former UN diplomat knocked unconscious in antisemitic attack

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