mardi 31 mars 2015

Juifs en Europe: un tabassage par ci, une claque par là, une insulte par ci, une tuerie par là, une conspiration par ci, un vandalisme par là. Ainsi va l'Europe démocratique

Ukraine: agression d'un médecin juif

Austria: Doctor (71) sentenced for Holocaust denial

Belarus: "Easter's coming! Blood [will be spilt here] soon" graffiti  

Belgium: Belgian Arabs complain that Bart De Wever protects the Jews 

Belgium: More Israel-bashing at the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Belgium: Ghent invites Jew-hater to racism debate

Bosnia: Palestinians say attacks on Jews serve the Zionists 

Bosnia: Jewish leader attacked and sustains serious head injury

Czech Republic: Man urinates on Holocaust memorial 

Finland: Center Party candidate says Israel is systematically murdering children, women and the elderly

France: NGOs protest against islamophobia, negrophobia and... philosemitism 

France: Jewish children "are the victims of all sorts of attacks" 

France: Town covered with antisemitic graffiti

Germany: Swastika drawn on Jewish cemetery gate

Germany: Turkish football group posts ad urging "Don't buy Jewish insurance" 

Germany: Street named after antisemitic historian Heinrich von Treitchke (not by Nazis but by democratic Germany in 1960)

Greece: The Holocaust as a political tool against Germany 

Hungary: Rock band receives antisemitic comments after announcing Israel concert

Hungary: Rock band receives antisemitic comments after announcing Israel concert

Italy: Israeli flag defaced at Milan exhibition 

Netherlands: Anti-racism day demo features antisemitic, anti-Israel speakers

Norway: After banning kosher slaughter, gov't now wants to tax imported kosher meat 

Portugal: Jew-hating photographer suspected of criminal activities

Portugal: Memorial to Jewish victims of 1506 massacre in Lisbon vandalised yet again

Russia: Holocaust memorial in Volvograd desecrated

Sweden: "Jews are leaving Europe in record numbers, and more are thinking about it. I am now one of them." 

Sweden: "Fuck all Jews. I'll fuck you and your family. You will die."

Ukraine: Jew attacked and told "get out of town and out of the country"

Ukraine: Holocaust memorial vandalized

UK columnist: ‘Israel now more wicked and dangerous than Hamas’ 

UK: Jewish Labour leader Ed Miliband told to gas his wife in an oven 

UK: Tory was member of pro-Nazi Islamic sect that believes Jews control the world and questions the Holocaust 

et encore et encore ICI.

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