lundi 3 mars 2014

Martin Luther King aurait soutenu Israël aujourd'hui, selon son avocat et ami Clarence B. Jones

“I say to my African-American brothers and sisters, speaking of the standpoint of the derivative relationship I had with Martin Luther King Jr., the time is now for every African-American person, every person of stature in the African- American community, to come forward and stand with Israel in the alpine chill of winter, to show that we are wintertime soldiers.” (Dr. Clarence B. Jones)

Israël n'est ni un Etat raciste ni un Etat qui pratique une politique d'apartheid.  Les Afro-Américains et les juifs ont lutté ensemble contre le racisme. 

Dr. Clarence B. Jones (centre)
Make no mistake, American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. supported Israel, said Dr. Clarence B. Jones, King’s lawyer and close friend.

Jones was one of two men the Israeli Consulate in New York honored at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem on Thursday night for their civil rights work.

“I am always a little taken aback,” Jones said in his remarks. “I am seeing people quoting [Dr. King] frequently out of context to develop a thesis, an argument, that he would not be in support of the State of Israel.

That is absolutely insane.  “Israel has made mistakes,” Jones said – including the continuation of settlement building, he later told reporters – but that “doesn’t mean that gives you carte blanche to say ‘Israel is an apartheid state’ or ‘Israel is a racist state.’” Jones, who knew King for years, spoke about King’s legacy in America, and said that African-Americans and Jews were “natural allies in the struggle against racism. LA SUITE.

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