samedi 18 février 2012

Israël du passé: le Dr. Léon Haskelberg dans son laboratoire (1949)

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Dr. Leon Haskelberg, working on a vacuum distillation, et
converting castor oil into plastic substance, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1949
Photos de John Phillips
Dr. Haskelberg, Israeli Scientist, Dies; Collaborator of Weizmann - 1953 (JTA) – Dr. Leon Haskelberg, prominent Israeli scientist and former collaborator in research work of the late President Weizmann, died at Rehovoth yesterday. He was 50. Dr. Haskelberg bad been engaged in research work at the Sieff Institute of Science at Rehovoth since 1934. He collaborated with Dr. Weizmann in the production of nylo from products of the castor bean. Recently he had been working in cancer research.
Via Lisboa Tel Aviv

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