samedi 6 juin 2020

En 1982 Joe Biden a menacé de couper l'aide financière des États-Unis à Israël

En 1982, le Premier ministre israélien Menahem Begin, rescapé de la Shoah et des camps du Goulag soviétique, répondait au sénateur américain Joe Biden qui avait menacé de couper l’aide financière des États-Unis à Israël:
"Je ne suis pas un Juif aux genoux tremblants. Je suis un Juif fier, fort de 3700 ans d’histoire civilisée. Personne n’est venu à notre secours quand nous mourions dans les chambres à gaz et les fours crématoires. Personne n’est venu à notre secours quand nous nous efforcions de créer notre pays. Nous avons payé pour lui. Nous nous sommes battus pour lui. Nous sommes morts pour lui. Nous resterons fidèles à nos principes. Nous les défendrons. Et, si nécessaire, nous mourrons pour eux de nouveau, avec ou sans votre aide financière."
Karen Harradine (La menace de Biden contre Israël et contre nous tous @ Conservative Woman):
‘DON’T threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilised history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid.’ 

These powerful words were spoken by Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, to Senator Joe Biden in 1982 after Biden threatened to cut off aid to Israel during a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Biden banged his fists on a desk while berating Begin, a survivor of the Holocaust and the Soviet gulag camps.  But Begin wasn’t going to be cowed. His words are a reminder that Biden is not the nice guy the Democratic Party like to portray. Should he get the nod to be their POTUS candidate, and win, there is a real fear that the US will be lost for ever to a toxic quagmire of Islamists and the far Left.

Biden is yet another weak Democratic candidate, pandering to the demands of the far Left and Islamists in his party. His recent behaviour during the riots in the US shows him to be craven and supportive of those other disrupters of democracy – anarchists and race-baiters.  [...] 
Most telling are Biden’s petulant plans to tear up any policies which President Trump has put in place to protect and strengthen Israel. Last month Biden, in a nod to the Islamists in his party, said he would reverse Trump’s decision on foreign aid and start to send money to the Palestinians again. 
In 2018 Trump cut aid to the anti-Israel United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). In the same year he signed the Taylor Force Act which requires Congress to withhold funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) because of their ‘pay to slay’ policies. Force was a US citizen murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Jaffa. Until then the PA received around £320million a year from the US. 

The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank and Gaza have a nasty habit of siphoning off massive amounts of foreign aid to fund their luxury lifestyles and jihadist war against Israel, while many of their own citizens remain impoverished. Is it any wonder that Trump slashed this budget? Why would Biden want to change this policy and send tax dollars to Islamists who have killed both American citizens and Jews? 

In a further symptom of senility, 77-year-old Biden said that he would reopen the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) mission in Washington. The PLO’s terrorist activities are well documented. Any presidential candidate who wants to create an official presence of the PLO in Washington is no moderate or friend of the West. He also plans to reinstate Obama’s insidious and dangerous Iran deal, even though Trump correctly withdrew US participation in 2018.
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