lundi 1 juillet 2019

U.K.: Le Parti Travailliste pue l'antisémitisme à tous les niveaux

Rod Liddle, éditorialiste @ The Times et The Spectator:

"Unless you’re anti‑semitic, walk away from Labour — it stinks from top to bottom" (À moins que vous ne soyez antisémite, quittez le parti travailliste - ça pue à tous les étages)
"[…] That [Chris] Williamson is anti-semitic I have no doubt. But compared with Jeremy Corbyn he is an exemplar of anti-racist progressivism. The Labour leader has called the genocidal and anti-semitic terrorists of Hezbollah and Hamas his “friends”. 
He has been photographed giving the salute of the virulently anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood. He has laid a wreath on the grave of a Palestinian terrorist who murdered innocent Jewish athletes. He has approved of a grotesquely anti-semitic mural, suggested that British Jews don’t understand irony (for which he is being sued) and written a foreword to a deeply anti-semitic book, which he described as “brilliant”. 
There have been no real explanations for any of this stuff other than that Grandpa didn’t know what the hell he was doing: the tried and trusted “Hey, sheesh, I’m a moron, me!” defence, his only recourse. If it had been on only one occasion, that defence might well have washed, given what we know about Corbyn’s pygmy intellect. But time and time again? 
A few weeks ago an appalling woman called Lisa Forbes was elected Labour MP for Peterborough on the back of a sizeable Muslim vote. She had expressed her great approval of anti-semitic comments on a social media site. Theresa May had a “Zionist slave masters agenda”, apparently, while someone else wondered why Palestinians didn’t stab more Jews. Forbes did not just like this horrible thread. She wrote: “I have enjoyed reading this thread so much.” And there she is, in parliament, unsuspended and described by Grandpa as an “anti-racist”. 
So, you Labour MPs, why have a go at Williamson? He is the least of your worries. Your party members habitually espouse anti-semitism. This is partly because, in their benighted adolescent leftism, they sign up to the important tenets of it: Jews behind capitalism, Jews behind the evil press, Jews running everything. And it is partly because — as they have discovered, to their great satisfaction — in some parts of the country it is a pretty powerful vote-winner. 
And it was for suggesting precisely this, incidentally, that I was suspended from the party three years ago. A glad and happy day, that was. Like the Labour MPs who signed that statement, I was deluded for too long and should have got out of my own volition."
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