jeudi 3 mars 2016

Echec des boycotteurs: 700 raisons de désespérer...

Et c'était en 2006 il y a donc dix ans...  Un bel échec pour les boycotteurs et les boycotteuses!

Dr Alan Sked @ Daily Telegraph:

It is important to realise that funded academic research in the EU includes non-EU states. Just ask the EU Commissioner for Science and Research in 2006, Janez Potočnik
Since Israel first participated in the Framework programme in 1996, R&D cooperation with the EU has enjoyed remarkable success. More than 700 Israeli companies, research institutes and universities took part in projects under the Sixth Framework Programme. We have a particularly strong record of cooperation in information technology and life sciences." 
  Israeli academics and scientists received research grants totalling 203 million euros under that programme.

Et tout aussi désespérant pour les boycotteurs et les boycotteuses: Israël classé 8ème puissance mondiale!

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