lundi 15 juin 2015

Madrid’s Newest Cultural Program: Anti-Semitism?, Walter Russell Mead

De nombreux blogueurs,  commentateurs, journalistes américains se sont emparés de cette histoire honteuse.  Le résultat ne s'est pas fait attendre.  Le facétieux M. Zapata a démissionné.

Voici la réaction de Walter Russell Mead, Bard professor, Hudson Scholar, and AI blogger/editor, @ American Interest.

Walter Russell Mead
Madrid’s new lefty government is off to an interesting start. The new head of the city’s culture department, Guillermo Zapata, recently tweeted: “How do you fit five million Jews in a SEAT 600 [the Spanish version of the Fiat 600]?” Answer: in an ashtray. He later apologized, saying he likes humor as a way to, well, something.

The leftist party Ahora Madrid (an affiliate of Podemos) is big on BDS, perhaps unsurprisingly; there is a profound, longstanding connection between anti-capitalist ideology (both of the left- and right-wing varieties) in Europe and anti-Semitism. But we’re sure the cultural minister means well. As sure, anyway, as we are that the radical left parties that elected mayoral candidates in Madrid and Barcelona this week have a sensible, workable program to fix their country’s troubled economy.UPDATE: On Sunday, Zapata posted an online apology in which he explained that the joke had been part of a discussion on the nature of humor and had been taken out of context.

FURTHER UPDATE: Zapata resigned on Monday.

Le Twit de Guillermo Zapata

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