mardi 30 juin 2015

Grèce: "Même les Palestiniens ont pitié de nous"

Ces propos pourraient être pris pour un compliment: l'entité "sioniste" traite mieux les Palestiniens que les Eurocrates traitent les Grecs.  Pour certains Européens les Palestiniens sont la mesure du malheur absolu...

Shane Croucher @ International Business Times (Via Honest Reporting)

Palestinian pity

Vasilaki is an assistant programme officer for Global Water Partnership, which works for the development of clean and sustainable water sources across the world.

"Last week, I was in Palestine for the work of a regional project on water governance and financing," Vasilaki says.

"Palestinians were telling me that they felt so sorry for us and that they wouldn't want to live here in Athens as the crisis deepens and that they preferred to live in Ramallah with the usual problems of living there."

Vasilaki is frustrated by the negotiations between the troika and her government. Austerity has failed, she says, so even more would only make things worse.

"I feel that we lost any dignity left, that our debt is not viable and we have nothing else to lose now," she says."

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