samedi 9 juin 2012

Quatre Israéliennes parmi les 100 top Europe's Girls-in-Tech

Quatre Israéliennes figurent parmi les 100 prestigieuses Top Girls-In-Tech en Europe. La branche britannique de Silicon Valley anommé les femmes les 100 femmes entreneurs les plus influentes dans la haute technologie dans 19 pays: UK, Irlande, France, Allemagne, Italie, Suède, Norvège, Danemark, Finlande, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Lettonie, Pologne, Russie, Lithuanie, Espagne, Grèce, Turquie et Israël. (Source: Israel 21c)

Amit Kaani
The IT group says it focuses on “women’s innovative and entrepreneurial achievements in technology” and seeks to “empower women in technology by simply providing them with more visibility.”

The four Israelis to make the prestigious list include Orit Hashay, Brayola; Gali Ross, Razoss; Amit Knaani, ooVoo; and Moran Bar, VentureGeeks.

The Top 100 list was unranked – making all nominees equally worthy of being on the list.

Hashay is CEO and founder of Brayola – an online site for buying bras. A serial entrepreneur, she was also behind a customer opinion site on getting married.

Knaani is product manager at video chat solution provider, ooVoo and co-founded the child-safe video platform Vikido.
Ross co-founded Razoss, a company that develops personalized tool bars. Razoss is backed by the likes of Yossi Vardi and Ron Zuckerman, and was recently included on Calcalist‘s list of ‘small Israeli start-ups that bigger companies should buy.’
And Bar, of course, is the founder of technology blog Newsgeek.
The Girls-In-Tech group nominated women entrepreneurs from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Israel.

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