mercredi 14 septembre 2011

La Grande-Bretagne boycottera la honteuse conférence de Durban III

Et la France?  Hélas la France qui est le pays qui a la plus importante population juive d'Europe est incapable de dire qu'elle boycotte cette honteuse conférence, comme l'ont fait plusieurs pays dont la Grande-Bretagne.  En effet M. Cameron vient d'annoncer qu'en raison de l'antisémitisme présent lors des précédentes conférences le Royaume-Uni n'y participera pas.  Il ne veut pas être associé à une pareille mascarade et l'a dit clairement.

'UK says it won't attend Durban III anti-racism conference'

British prime minister says it would be "wrong" to engage in events that in the past have shown displays of anti-Semitism; UK joins a number of countries - US, Germany, Australia - in declining invitation.

British Prime Minister David Cameron decided that the UK would not take part in the UN-sponsored Durban III anti-racism conference on September 22 because he did not want the UK to engage in an event with anti-Semitic association, the Jewish Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"No one should be in any doubt: this Government is 100 per cent committed to tackling racism both at home and abroad," Cameron said according to the Chronicle. "But those aims cannot be met by accepting this invitation."

Cameron added that in the past, the World Conference on Racism saw "open displays" of "deplorable anti-Semitism," and said it would be "wrong" to engage in such events.

"That's why the UK will play no part in this conference," he said.

Ten of the UN’s 193 member nations have pulled out of Durban III, including Germany, the US, Canada, Italy, Austria, Australia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel.

The US said past meetings included “ugly displays of intolerance and anti-Semitism.”

The 2001 UN conference against racism took place in Durban, South Africa, and focused in large part on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Delegates produced a draft resolution that equated Zionism with racism.

The US and more than a half dozen other nations - including Israel, Canada, Italy, Sweden - boycotted the UN conference on combating racism held in Geneva in April 2009 because of the prospective treatment of Israel.

In that conference, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - as the only attending head of state - delivered a speech on the opening day where he derailed the Israeli government, calling it racist and criticizing it for using the suffering of Jews in Europe to subjugate the Palestinian people.

Anne Bayefsky, a leading human rights scholar and principal organizer of counter Durban III event in New York City on September, 22 told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, “Britain has done the right thing by pulling out of Durban III. Durban III was an ill-conceived venture designed to trap world leaders, already attending the opening days of the UN General Assembly, into signing on to a mission irrevocably tainted with anti-Semitism. It marks a very important push-back by democratic states - long overdue - against UN platforms that undermine rights and freedoms for all."

She added that “Britain’s pullout will be a serious blow to the UN and Durban III’s standing, and immediately raises the stakes for France in particular. The French can expect a serious hit to their moral stature on the world stage should they decide to stay without Britain or Germany."

Reuters contributed to this report.

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