mardi 2 février 2010

Les étudiants juifs objet de menaces dans les universités britanniques

L'ambassadeur d'Israël au Royaume-Uni dénonce les menaces que subissent les étudiants juifs dans les universités britanniques.  M. Ron Prosor déplore qu'en 2010 les étudiants juifs soient menacés et ne se sentent pas physiquement en sécurité.

Israeli ambassador to UK denounces threats against Jewish students in British universities

HERZLIYA (EJP)---Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, has denounced the fact that Jewish students are being threatened in British universities because of the anti-Israeli climate.

“This is an impossible situation that in 2010 Jewish students are being threatened and feel physically insecure,” he told Monday the annual Herzliya Conference.

Prosor also described the various aspects of the delegitimization of Israel in Europe as a battlefield where Israel is increasingly loosing ground, “especially because of the problematic of the diplomatic corps as well as of a widespread strategy.”

He said the academic world is the main tool for this phenomenon as well as the legal system where NGOs are taking advantage of the democratic means in Britain.

According to Prosor the next 5 years will be critical for Israel not to become internationally denounced by the leading actors in the world.

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