samedi 13 février 2010

The beautiful and talented people of Israel: Amiram Eini

Amiram Eini, un Israélo-Norvégien, ancien top model devenu musicien.

Israeli Amiram Eini made his name as a top international model, now he intends to make it big as a musician with his band, Amiram Inc.  After a successful career in modeling, 35-year-old Israeli-Norwegian Amiram Eini decided he wanted to do something different and turned to music instead.

He started out performing as a solo artist, but then collaborated with other musicians, Emily Bennet and Assaf Barak to form Amiram Inc. The current ensemble also includes Daniel Schneiderman and Yaniv Ohana. Lire la suite sur ISRAEL21c et la vidéo sur YouTube 

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