dimanche 17 mai 2009

UE - Israël: les discussions n'ont pas été interrompues

"Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon made a visit to Brussels last week where he met the EU's 27 ambassadors."

Non seulement les discussions n'ont pas été interrompues, mais les négociations en vue d'un approfondissement des relations entre l'Union européenne et Israël pourraient reprendre après la visite du Premier ministre israélien à Washington.

Source: extrait d'un article de Yossi Lempkowicz @ EJP

"The process of upgrading the EU-Israel relations, put on hold earlier this year due to the war in the Gaza Strip, is very much linked to the outcome of the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau next week in Washington, EU and Israeli diplomats said in Brussels. [...]

Israel, on its part, warned the EU to limit its criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government or risk losing involvement in the Middle East peace process.

In order to clear up misunderstandings about the position of the new government and ease Israel's relationship with the EU, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon made a visit to Brussels last week where he met the EU's 27 ambassadors.

Ayalon, a former ambassador in Washington who is also a member of Yisrael Beitenu, explained the Israeli position with regard to the Palestinians. "He said that the EU’s view on the new government led by Netanyahu is based on misunderstandings and an erroneous conception," one Israeli diplomat told EJP.

Lieberman dispatched to Europe

Time to ease tension in EU-Israel relationship ?

Two weeks ago, Netanyahu dispatched to several European capitals Foreign Minister Avidgdor Lieberman, an unprecedented gesture to choose Europe as the destination of a first official trip abroad.

The EU Foreign Ministers, who will gather in Brussels on Monday for their monthly regular meeting, will be briefed on Ayalon’s meeting with the ambassadors although, according to a Czech presidency spokesman, the issue of EU-Israel relations is officially not on the agenda.

The annual meeting of the EU-Israel ministerial association council, which was due to be held on May 18, has been postponed to June 15.

"In the meantime one will wait for the outcome of Netanyahu’s meeting at the White House in order to resume the upgrading process," the Israeli diplomat said.

He pointed out however that several EU-Israel "technical" meetings have taken place since April with the European Commission in Brussels, notably on trilateral cooperation in Africa, higher education, absorption of immigrants and transport."

La "rue européenne" très remontée contre Israël, selon l'ambassadeur de France

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