lundi 26 août 2019

Pour un théologien protestant allemand Israël fait partie de l'Holocauste

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Gerd Buurmann: German theologian says Israel is part of the Holocaust (via Watch: Antisemitism in Europe)
""Western Christianity’s guilt-ridden anti-Judaism and Western anti-Semitism resulted in two catastrophes," explains Protestant theologian, Ulrich Duchrow [professeur à l'Université de Heidelberg]. One catastrophe is the murder of six million Jews. So, what was the other catastrophe? The theologian is very specific: "The silence of the West concerning Israel’s efforts, made possible through the United Nations (UN), to divide up Palestine".

It seems only an Protestant theologian can perform this magical trick: Ulrich Duchrow says that the mass murder of Jews in Europe and the present State of Israel are the two sides of a coin in regard to the Holocaust.

That’s how the German theologian legitimizes violence against Jews which he calls "resistance": "Indeed, over the decades, Palestinians have resisted the illegal occupation, which is contrary to international law." Ulrich Duchrow lists "stone throwing", as well as "stabbings and a few rockets fired against Israel" as types of resistance against repression. […]

Ulrich Duchrow romanticizes the anti-Semitic campaign BDS as a "non-violent initiative to end the occupation" and blurts out sentences like this: "A now a once more innocent Germany and an Israel that is inherently innocent because of its role as a victim in the Holocaust support each other in their thirst for power". 
The conclusions are mind-boggling: Israel is eternally innocent because of the Holocaust. Remembering a crime like the Holocaust is not just compelling logic, but reflects evil intentions on the part of the Jews. Israelis don’t have feelings, fears, and traumas. Jews remember the Holocaust not because they can’t forget it, but because they don’t want to forget it. They use the Holocaust like a cold weapon, calculating and emotionless. They must be a truly "desperate, thoroughly evil poisonous, and devilish" lot."
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