vendredi 24 mai 2019

Corbyn: la plus grande menace pour les Juifs depuis les nazis

David Isaacson, former foreign-news editor at The Telegraph (Weekly Edition) and arts editor at The Jerusalem Post.

"[…] In his autobiography, the Israeli diplomat Abba Eban recalls a Zionist delegation’s meeting with Bevin in 1947. ‘I had never seen a man so able to radiate hostility, not only with every word but with every movement of face and eyes,’ wrote Eban. ‘Not for one single moment did he show us any human respect, let alone diplomatic deference.’ According to the hard-Left Labour cabinet minister Richard Crossman, ‘the main points of Bevin’s discourse were . . . that the Jews had successfully organised a conspiracy against Britain and against him personally’.

This is the hostility that Labour radiates today, from leadership to grassroots. You could see it in Corbyn’s surly, sulking demeanour when reluctantly meeting Jewish leaders last year. You could see it in the aggression of party grandee John Prescott after a Jewish journalist asked, off the record, whether there was anything he could do about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. ‘Is there anything you can do about Israel and its behaviour?’ he ranted. ‘All of this is about Israel . . . dead children . . . settlers on someone else’s land.’ A Labour party member in Brighton recently advocated marching on a synagogue. In other words, a pogrom. […] 
Corbyn has put forward 64 Early Day Motions about Israel in Parliament compared with 23 on labour relations and workers’ rights. Why would a committed socialist devote so much time to Israel, an interest that has limited impact on his constituents in Islington, and so little time to the people he is supposed to represent? 
The answer is the Palestinians. In no other group does Corbyn see such a true reflection of himself. Fetishisation of terror. Perpetuation of victimhood. Love of conspiracy theories. Aversion to compromise. Demonisation of the Jews, be it in a mural, a history book or every classroom in Gaza."  
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André a dit…

Les anglais ont toujours en travers de la gorge le coup de pied au cul que les juifs, excédés par leur panarabisme hostile, leur ont donné pour les chasser de Palestine. Et que cela soit le fait du parti travailliste est encore plus savoureux. La gauche anglaise n'ayant jamais été vraiment contre le colonialisme et l'impérialisme de son pays...