lundi 16 mai 2016

AFP: l'Israël-bashing continue

L'AFP pareille à elle-même ne rate pas la moindre occasion pour dénigrer Israël ce qui n'a pas échappé à la vigilance du Britannique Honest Reporting:

The unholy alliance between anti-Israel non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the press is clearly evident in AFP’s story Israeli security forces ‘killed 25 Palestinian children’ in three months, UNICEF says.”
Twenty-five Palestinian children were killed in the last three months of 2015 during a wave of violence, the United Nations’ children’s agency says.

A report by UNICEF said it was concerned with the excessive use of force in incidents where Palestinian children were shot dead by Israeli security forces after allegedly carrying out stabbing attacks.

It said more than 1,300 Palestinian children were injured during the spike in attacks, almost all in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, while three Israeli children were hurt in the West Bank and west Jerusalem.
While the actual report is credited to UNICEF, the AFP fails to note that it is a quarterly bulletin produced by a UNICEF-led working group that includes a veritable who’s who of NGOs with a history of politicized activities against Israel:

Lire la suite qui est très instructive quant aux méthodes de l'AFP.

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