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La BBC va diffuser un documentaire sur la situation critique des Juifs français le 26 avril

@ Jewish Chronicle

A BBC programme to be broadcast during Pesach will compare the increase in French Jews emigrating to Britain with the exodus from Egypt.

The programme, Never Again: Fear and Faith in Paris will centre around St John’s Wood Synagogue in north-west London, which has hosted a separate service in French on every Shabbat since 2013.

The BBC claimed one British synagogue had seen its congregation become 90 per cent French in the past few years.

Due to be shown on BBC One on April 26, the documentary will look into “the decision of 8,000 Jews to leave France in 2014, concerned about the recent terror attacks and rising antisemitism in the country”.

It also features Rudi Leavor of Bradford Synagogue, which appointed a Muslim to its executive board last year.

@ BBC: Never Again: Fear And Faith In Paris

This documentary will explore a much more recent phenomenon, the decision of 8,000 Jews to leave France in 2014, concerned about terror attacks and rising anti-Semitism in the country.
We will hear from the families most affected, and explore the reasons behind the rise in anti-Semitism. With insight from those who live in the notorious Paris suburbs, often accused of being a breeding ground for anti-Semitism, and from Lassana Bathily, a Muslim from the suburbs who saved Jewish lives during the kosher supermarket attack in 2015.
Many French Jews are coming to London, and one synagogue has been transformed recently by French arrivals, with their congregation in a few years becoming 90 percent French. Is the climate for Jews any better in Britain?

BBC One,  le 26 avril de 23h45 (heure locale en France, Belgique)

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